Why Golden 1 Center chicken tenders at Kings games are best stadium food


I've never had to make a more difficult decision in my life.

What is my favorite stadium food? Well, the easy answer is, "all of them." However, that's not how life works. 

So how did I decide between some of the best choices?

For the most part, I think about the mobility factor. What can I eat that is delicious, but I can also watch a game and cheer at the same time while drinking a beverage?

Well, the garlic fries at Oracle Park not only are yummy, but a staple whenever taking in a Giants game. And that view you get to see while eating them? Breathtaking.

But, you need to eat them quickly, or seagulls will snag them. And I'm a slow eater sometimes.

I'll be honest, eating any type of sandwich at a sporting event is a "No," for me. Yes, that means a hot dog, because a hot dog is indeed a sandwich.

So the entire bottom half of this tournament is eliminated.

Now comes the difficult part: Choosing between chicken tenders and helmet nachos. 

Chicken tenders these days come with an array of dipping sauces that you can choose from. You want ranch? You get ranch. Buffalo? Barbeque? Teriyaki? Let's get weird.

But then there's the nachos. And I swear they test better in a helmet. The cheese and jalapenos and your choice of meat and sour cream and whatever else you want. That's tough. And you get a souvenir to take home.


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It's a tough choice but the winner is ... 


I have to go with chicken tenders at the Golden 1 Center. I'm sorry. Hard to say no to that and fries and all the sauces. 

I made my case, and I guess the Kings are my favorite team now.