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Warriors' Damion Lee sees Draymond Green, Klay Thompson in his dogs

Warriors' Damion Lee sees Draymond Green, Klay Thompson in his dogs

If the Warriors ever need to find a replacement for Draymond Green, they can turn to two-way guard Damion Lee for help.

Lee and his wife, Sydel Curry-Lee, are parents to two dogs, Quavo and Nobu, and one reminds Lee of the Warriors All-Star forward.

"Nobu would be a Draymond," Lee told NBC Sports Bay Area's Grant Liffmann on the latest episode of Pro Pets. "Commands respect. Like, you're going to know he's there, but also would do anything for you. He always fights for him, like Draymond fights for all of us."

Quavo, on the other hand, is harder to characterize.

"I think he's in a category of his own," Lee said.

Liffmann suggested All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson, and Lee seemed to agree.

"He's chill, but sometimes he can be amped," Lee says of Quavo. "And sometimes, he's one of the best dogs."

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Lee admits that Quavo, a 2-year-old Golden Doodle, and Nobu, a 3-year-old Siberian Husky, have more power in the household than he does.

"No. 1 is Sydel," Lee said. "No. 2 is probably Nobu. He tries to demand everything. But then [Quavo] tries to take over the bed at night. We have a king-sized bed, and it's basically his bed. I'm probably at the bottom. I'm cool with just cereal, standard food. These guys need the high-end, the mahi mahi, steaks and all that."

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Lee played in a career-high 32 games for the Warriors last season, and signed a new two-way contract in July. With the Warriors fielding a younger roster this season, Steph Curry's brother-in-law should get a chance at increased playing time.

Warriors rookie Jordan Poole breaks down differences between his two cats

Warriors rookie Jordan Poole breaks down differences between his two cats

As you've been following along in our Pro Pets series, you've probably noticed it's been a little one-sided in the canine direction.

Well, have no fear, Jordan Poole is here to swing the pendulum back toward our feline friends.

The Warriors rookie guard is excited to make the Bay Area his home, and he has two roommates that remind him of two guys he's about to spend a lot of time on the court with.

Poole has two cats, Kai and Kota. They are two-year-old Maine Coon brothers. Poole wanted to adopt two cats around the same age, and just so happened the brothers had been brought into the shelter the day before and he was willing to do whatever it took to bring them home. 

As for Kai and Kota, they couldn't be more different. Kota is very vocal, always waking Poole up when he wants food. Kai, on the other hand, is known for his athleticism and being fleet of foot.

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When asked to give Kai and Kota's Warriors teammate comps, Poole had two in mind. Kai is new addition Glenn Robinson III, the electric athlete who does who knows his roles. The vocal Kota's comp is obvious: He's a Draymond of the animal kingdom.

But if given the choice to do something fun or kick it with his "sons," what is Poole choosing? No question it's Kai and Kota. 

A's closer Liam Hendriks compares two dogs, cat to his teammates

A's closer Liam Hendriks compares two dogs, cat to his teammates

Liam and Kristi Hendriks have a packed house.

In addition to the two of them, the A's closer and his wife have three pets: Winnie, a 7-month-old Tortoise Shell Domestic Cat; Jack, a 4-year-old Terrier Mix; and Stella, a 7- or 8-year-old Chihuahua.

In the latest episode of "Pro Pets," the Hendriks brought their furry children to the Coliseum and compared them to players on the Oakland A's.

"She's definitely got my personality, which is, 'Oh, OK, that's fine and exciting. Oh, we need to do something? OK, I'll do it,' " Liam said of Stella.

Stella has been with Liam the longest and likes to be with dad for the important things in life.

"She sleeps between my legs at night," Liam said. "She wakes up with me in the morning and sits next to me while I read and make coffee."

Liam couldn't even find a teammate to compare to Stella. He just went with himself.

"Stella is definitely me, where it's very laid back until something else needs to comes out," Liam said. "Which is how I operate with my family, joking around in [the clubhouse], joking around between innings, until I get on the mound and then I change personality."

Kristi and Liam agree that Jack reminds them of A's first baseman/outfielder Mark Canha because the Terrier is a picky eater and very athletic.

As for Winnie, Liam pinpointed A's starter Chris Bassitt as a comparison.

"Just a little uncoordinated and those crazy eyes, like, 'What is going on over there?' " Liam said.

Liam clearly isn't concerned about his teammates seeing this interview.

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The couple also explained that Winnie believes she is a dog. Seriously.

"We rescued her from a hoarding situation of 60 cats, and so she just wanted to be one of the clan when we brought her in," Kristi said. "She started doing things that the dogs did. It was so sad. I would take the dogs outside for a walk, and you would hear her meowing inside. So we got her on the leash, and now she's trained. And the looks you get are hysterical because people see it and then they look again because they're like, 'Oh my god. Is that a cat?' "