Pro Pets

Pro Pets

As you've been following along in our Pro Pets series, you've probably noticed it's been a little one-sided in the canine direction.

Well, have no fear, Jordan Poole is here to swing the pendulum back toward our feline friends.

The Warriors rookie guard is excited to make the Bay Area his home, and he has two roommates that remind him of two guys he's about to spend a lot of time on the court with.

Poole has two cats, Kai and Kota. They are two-year-old Maine Coon brothers. Poole wanted to adopt two cats around the same age, and just so happened the brothers had been brought into the shelter the day before and he was willing to do whatever it took to bring them home. 

As for Kai and Kota, they couldn't be more different. Kota is very vocal, always waking Poole up when he wants food. Kai, on the other hand, is known for his athleticism and being fleet of foot.

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When asked to give Kai and Kota's Warriors teammate comps, Poole had two in mind. Kai is new addition Glenn Robinson III, the electric athlete who does who knows his roles. The vocal Kota's comp is obvious: He's a Draymond of the animal kingdom.


But if given the choice to do something fun or kick it with his "sons," what is Poole choosing? No question it's Kai and Kota.