'Al Davis vs. the NFL' to be second '30 for 30' on late owner

Getty Images

Late Raiders owner Al Davis' iconic "Just Win Baby!" phrase will be back in the lexicon soon, as ESPN is preparing to release their second "30 for 30" title focusing on the legendary figure.

The network will be premiering "Al Davis vs. The NFL" on Feb. 4, and debuted a trailer for the feature on Sunday.

It appears the feature will focus on Davis' contentious relationship with the NFL, and most notably longtime league commissioner Pete Rozelle.

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ESPN previously had released "Straight Outta L.A.," directed by rapper Ice Cube, that focused on the franchise's move to Los Angeles and its impact on the culture within the city.

Davis won a lawsuit against the NFL which allowed for the Raiders to complete their move to LA in 1982.

The Raiders weren't able to advance to the postseason in 2020 after finishing with an 8-8 record, but fans of the Silver and Black will have some great content to look forward to during Super Bowl week.