The first day of Raiders' training camp will have a few more cameras than usual with the team being chronicled in the HBO series "Hard Knocks."

But that's exactly what Antonio Brown hoped for on Friday when he arrived at camp ... in a hot air balloon.

But are you surprised? 

"I thought it would be exciting to switch it up," Brown said. "Napa Valley is obviously known for the hot air balloons."

Brown offered some words of wisdom during the first day back, saying the Raiders' season has "a lot at stake."

There's a lot to look forward to this year for Oakland with the pass-catcher bringing his own sense of ... AB-ness. And while we knew he would make an entrance, this is a bit tame compared to what could have been. 

I wanted him jumping out of a plane on to a red carpet then being escorted by an elephant dressed as a king. OK, so I might have overthought this. 

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Brown hopped out of the basket and announced his arrival as he greeted Raider Nation.

"Time to get to work, baby."