Colin Kaepernick is still out of the NFL for the second straight season. Mark Geragos, the attorney for the former 49ers quarterback, has a message on the future of his client: stay tuned. 

“This is what I’m going to predict, I would just say, ‘Stay tuned,'" Geragos said to TMZ when asked about Kaepernick's future in the NFL. "Next week there might be some news. That’s as far as I’m going to go.”

Geragos then turned to the other NFL team in the Bay Area. 

"I’ll just say this: If Al Davis was still alive…" 

Kaepernick's attorney says the quarterback still watches games on Sundays, namely the Dolphins with wide receiver Kenny Still kneeling to protest racial and social injustices. Geragos then made his Davis remark and made small hints at the Patriots while saying, "I have two other teams who will remain nameless." 

This is not the first time Kaepernick has been paired with the former Raiders owner who passed away in 2011. Our own Monte Poole wrote the following in August of 2017

If only a current owner had Al’s social conscience.

If Davis were still jabbing at shadows and raising hell, Kaepernick wouldn’t be awaiting a call from the Ravens or the Dolphins or any of the other quarterback-starved NFL teams that may -- or may not -- be pondering placing that call.


He’d be in Napa, in training camp with the Raiders.

The Raiders, however, do not seem to be in the market for a quarterback right now. Derek Carr signed a five-year, $125 million contract last June, and the contract played a large role in the Raiders trading edge rusher Khalil Mack to the Bears due to salary cap concerns. Oakland also traded a 2019 fifth-round draft pick to the Bills this offseason for backup quarterback A.J. McCarron. 

One thing Geragos did make clear on Kaepernick's future is a signature Nike shoe is on its way. As far as Kaepernick's NFL future goes, all we can say is this: stay tuned.