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In a story that otherwise told us everything we already knew about the Raiders’ home venue for 2019, CBS Sports' Jason LaCanfora dropped this previously unspeculated beauty:
“AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants play, is another potential option, sources said.”
Well, there’s a new spanner in the spokes.
It's not that hard to conceive that the Giants would take money to house football games. They have been the home field of the Demons (XFL), the Redwoods (UFL), the East-West Shrine Game (for five years at the start of the century) and 12 bowl games under different names, so it’s not like they’re all that persnickety about it. But the ballpark hadn’t really been mentioned as a possible landing site for the Orphans until Sunday morning.
But at this point, Davis will take nearly anything anyone will offer. The issue is, who wants to offer anything?

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The 49ers clearly don’t; if Jed York was amenable, Davis wouldn’t be flailing about so wildly. San Diego and San Antonio and even Glendale, Ariz., have logistical issues that The Lord High Gruden would find irksome. Indeed, TLHG has said (and yes, we know his track record re: what he says and what happens later) he wants to play next year in Oakland, and if nothing else, he will say the political thing.
As for Davis, though, his problem is real. The divorce he has wanted for the last five years is happening at an expedited rate, and unless he wants to take one more year of looking ineffectual in Oakland, he might want to broaden his search ... like: 


16 road games

Two in Denver, Kansas City and StubHub Heights, plus Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota, plus two more AFCs to be named -- they already could start planning now.

Plus, the Raiders already are earmarked for an overseas game again next year (probably London), so all they’d need is a guarantee that the day's receipts for their “home” games would be guaranteed and, in an act of largesse their travel expenses covered. If it’s about money, then make it about money.

Adding other veneus

The NFL has been fixated on foreign venues such as London and Mexico City for years, but the league could use new test cities for stadium extortion.

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Toronto probably still is game for some flirtation, Birmingham always has been a go-to for lesser pro football leagues and might want to try label shopping, Honolulu could primp up its Pro-Bowl-Only profile, Portland is hiking up its skirts for baseball and also might be ready to be used as a bargaining chip for football, Atlantic City might want to go toe-to-toe with Vegas for wagering hegemony ... the possibilities aren’t endless, but if you’re going crazy thinking about this anyway, why not empty out? 


Tom Benson Stadium, the largest high school stadium in America, also is the home of the Hall of Fame Game, and probably could use a tenant for 10 of the other 350 days when it isn't in use. Plus, all the other super-sized high school stadiums are in Texas, and you know how Jerry Jones likes to keep his empire clear of other entrepreneurs, even one he can keep in his desk drawer.


Mackay Stadium seats 27,000 for the Wolf Pack, which is just about what the Chargers seat to win 11 games. Since crowd size no longer is an issue in the modern NFL, Davis can move into Nevada without ruining the big unveiling to the south in 2020.

San Francisco

As in Kezar Stadium, where it all began in 1960. It only holds 10,000 since being downsized, but the Raiders started their bizarre five-city tour on Stanyan Street, so they might as well end it there. By then, people will be so sick of the story that they’ll just be staying home anyway. Besides, they didn’t average 10,000 per game there 60 years ago, so why would you want them to now?
Hey, we’re just trying to help. I mean, if we’re throwing out any old place to kill a Sunday, why not these? Or others? Hell, have them at your house if you’re so keen. It’s not like they’re in a position to be particular any more.