Raiders' Abram survives collision with sideline TV cart

Johnathan Abram

The Raiders got a major scare in the very first quarter of their first-ever game at Allegiant Stadium on Monday night when standout safety Johnathan Abram collided with a camera cart on the sideline after his momentum carried him out of bounds.

Abram stayed on the ground while the "Monday Night Football" broadcast went to commercial, but by the time it returned to the game, Abram had gotten up under his own power and returned to the Raiders' sideline.

The second-year pro's rookie season was cut short after just one game due to a torn rotator cuff. Luckily, this didn't turn out to be a here-we-go-again situation.

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Abram is a tremendously physical player who packs a punch at every opportunity, but clearly he took the worst of that hit. The cart appeared to be closer to the field than necessary, and you can be sure the Raiders aren't pleased with whoever is responsible for its placement.