Jon Gruden defends Damon Arnette as Raiders' first-round draft pick

Jon Gruden defends Damon Arnette as Raiders' first-round draft pick

Raiders coach Jon Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock have proven they don't care what outsiders think about their draft picks.

The Raiders' brain trust will take the players they want, and live with the blow-back.

In 2019, they reached for former Clemson defensive lineman Clelin Ferrell with the No. 4 overall pick. Last month, the Raiders took former Ohio State cornerback Damon Arnette at No. 19 overall in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

The pick of Arnette was widely panned. Some analysts didn't see the Buckeye as a first-round selection.

Ever since the Raiders picked Arnette, Gruden has been on the campaign trail defending the choice. He was back at it this week in an interview with The Mercury News' Jerry McDonald.

"I just look at his tape," Gruden said when asked about the first-round qualities he saw in Arnette. "I’ve heard people say, ‘He’s not a first-round pick on our board.’ Well, whose board are we talking about? Then if you’re in to analytics, according to he had the best QB rating against him of any corner in the draft. I mean, he’s a hell of a player. That’s why I like him.

"He played at Ohio State. He played big in big games. He’s an excellent tackler, a confident corner. He’s comfortable in bump and run. When we watched him play against good receivers he played good. And he just gives us something we need, something we cherish here. A physical, press confident corner that’s not afraid to hit you."

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The fact that the Raiders didn't have another pick until No. 80 overall likely factored into the Arnette pick at No. 19. Gruden and Mayock got the guy they wanted, even if it was a little early.

Gruden has spent the last few weeks praising Arnette, even going as far to say he's better than fellow former Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah, who was No. 3 overall by the Detroit Lions.

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First, Gruden told Arnette he was better than Okudah during the phone call after making the pick. Then Gruden doubled down in an interview with JT The Brick on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Gruden is talking the talk regarding Arnette. Now, it's up to the rookie to make his coach look good.

Maxx Crosby gets Raiders logo tattoo after breakout 2019 rookie season

Maxx Crosby gets Raiders logo tattoo after breakout 2019 rookie season

Another member of the Raiders' 2019 NFL draft class is committing himself to the team.

Defensive lineman Maxx Crosby showed off his new Raiders logo tattoo Monday, a week after running back Josh Jacobs and defensive lineman Clelin Ferrell did the same.

While Jacobs and Ferrell were first-round draft picks, Crosby was a fourth-round pick and put together an impressive rookie campaign.

In 16 games, Crosby had 47 total tackles, 10 sacks, 16 tackles for loss and 14 quarterback hits.

With Crosby, Jacobs and Ferrell, Las Vegas' newest tenant has the building blocks to be very successful over the next decade.

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It's way too early to tell what the future holds for the trio, but based on the new ink, Crosby, Jacobs and Ferrell want to stay with the Raiders ... permanently.

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Why Raiders' iconic logo should never be listed among worst in NFL

Why Raiders' iconic logo should never be listed among worst in NFL

How do you determine what is, and what isn’t, a good NFL logo?

NBC Sports Philadelphia devised a list of the 10 worst logos in the game with Raiders listed at the No. 7 spot.

Here’s what they said:

“They may have moved from Oakland to Las Vegas, but for some reason, stuck with this thing. It’s too busy and the colors aren’t anything special. Perhaps if the shield and “Raiders” were removed to showcase the swords and the male figure, it could simplify it. Or get rid of the head altogether. Anything is better than this.”

So, I get what they were saying, but when I think of the Raiders, I like the fact that they’re staying true to the OG logo we’re used to -- it’s iconic. People fear change. After all, they’re now called the Las Vegas Raiders.

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They have one of the most unique color schemes in the game and it doesn’t seem too busy despite the detail and reminds me of how fierce the fans are. Despite a few, subtle changes over the years, the logo has stood the test of time. 

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The San Diego Los Angeles Chargers continued to update their logo and the sports world had a field day with it. 

You don’t mess with the classics.