Before Jon Gruden won his first NFL game in almost 10 years, the Raiders coach received some bad news.

On Sunday morning, as he and the rest of the Raiders coaching staff prepared for that day's game against the Cleveland Browns, Gruden looked at his phone and found out that Bears edge rusher Khalil Mack had done it again. Mack recorded a strip sack.

According to NFL Network's Mike Silver, Gruden's reaction was ... interesting.

"Damn -- Khalil Mack had another strip sack?" Gruden said, according to Silver. "Are you ... kidding me?

If Gruden doesn't already regret the controversial trade, at what point will he? When Mack records a strip sack in his sixth consecutive game? Eighth consecutive? When Mack wins NFL Defensive Player of the Year and lifts the Lombardi Trophy in February?