Gruden ribs Carr for using coach’s wife’s name as audible

Derek Carr and Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden heard that strange audible during the Raiders' win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, and his reaction Monday was quintessentially quippy.

Quarterback Derek Carr called an audible of "Cindy Gruden-Tiger Woods" during the first quarter of the Raiders' 34-30 win in Charlotte, which was loud enough to hear on Sunday's broadcast from an empty Bank of America Stadium.

When Gruden was asked how his wife and the golf legend ended up in a call, the coach jokingly pleaded the fifth.

Look out "Spider 2 Y Banana," you've got some competition.

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No matter whose idea it was, Carr got off to a good start Sunday. He completed 22 of 30 passes for 239 yards and a touchdown. Carr didn't throw an interception and he wasn't sacked, either. He threw just eight interceptions in 2019, but the QB was sacked 29 times last season, including at least once in each of the Raiders' last nine games.

As long as the QB keeps this up, Gruden won't care too much about what he says at the line.