ALAMEDA -- Daniel Carlson hit 94 percent of his field-goal attempts last year. That’s a Raiders franchise record, an astonishing mark for someone who got tossed out of Minnesota after a rough start to last season.

The first kicker drafted in 2018 converted 17 of his 18 attempts for the Silver and Black as a rookie, including a game-winner and run of 15 straight to close out the season.

Carlson also has a long history with special teams coach Rich Bisaccia, who believes he’s a top-tier talent.

All that’s why the Raiders are being patient with Carlson now that he has hit a rough patch. The Auburn product has missed seven kicks -- including one extra point that was blocked but doesn’t recognize a missed field goal nullified by a penalty – in his last seven games.

Carlson took full responsibility for his misses late in Sunday’s loss to Jacksonville but will have an opportunity to get right.

“We are going to see this kid kick himself out of it,” head coach Jon Gruden said. “This is a great kid, he’s got a great amount of talent. I saw him hit 15 in a row last year and I got a lot of faith in this guy. I really do. He’s going to kick himself out of it or I’ll be very disappointed. I’ve got a lot of faith in this kid.”

Carlson has worked through a rough patch before. He took some time to get right after the Vikings cut him, waiting a few weeks before engaging with teams inquiring about his services.


He came back stronger than ever, so he’s fully capable of working himself out of this late-season skid.

Carlson was asked Sunday what he has seen from recent misses after the Jaguars' loss.

"There's been some different things,” Carlson said. “Whether it was approaching how I was playing it into the wind or how I was hitting the ball that day that I've learned. I'm continuing to learn. I had a great warm-up today. I was hitting the ball well. I just didn't take advantage of it at the end [of Sunday’s game]. I didn't hit it perfectly. Like I said, I have to look at it [on film] to see anything technically. It's completely my fault. I take full responsibility for it.”