Ex-Raider Lynch's pre-game superstition was extremely on-brand

Raiders' Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch's pre-game routine was extremely befitting of Marshawn Lynch.

The Oakland native and former Raiders running back revealed to Peyton Manning on the latest episode of ESPN+'s "Peyton's Places" that he would take a shot of Hennessy before games.

"My superstition was that I needed to have a shot, maybe a shot-and-a-half before every game," Lynch, who played 21 games for the Raiders in 2017 and '18, told Manning.

"There's a bar right there in the locker room in Seattle?" Manning later asked Lynch, who played parts of seven seasons with the Seahawks.

"No, I brought it in my backpack!" Lynch revealed.

Lynch handed out free turkeys for Thanksgiving in Hawaii last week, and he was in a similarly giving mood to Raiders fans last season ahead of the Silver and Black's final game in Oakland. He didn't share his preferred pre-game superstition, however, opting instead to take tequila shots with tailgating Raiders fans.

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Lynch being Lynch, he joined the Seahawks ahead of the playoffs less than a week later and scored a touchdown in his return to the NFL. In all, Lynch rushed for 66 yards, four TDs and (presumably) took at least three shots in three regular-season and playoff games with Seattle last season.

The running back is a free agent and he hasn't yet officially retired, so Lynch could have a few more games -- and a few more shots -- in him before he hangs up his cleats for good.