McGloin carries chip on shoulder, but plays with passion over anger

McGloin carries chip on shoulder, but plays with passion over anger

ALAMEDA – Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin certainly has a chip on his shoulder, after years of being told he wasn’t quite good enough.

He took a well-mapped hard road to an NFL career, as a walk-on turned three-year starter at Penn State. Despite great production with the Nittany Lions, McGloin wasn’t invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. He wasn’t drafted and only latched on with the Raiders as a tryout player.

He beat fourth-round pick Tyler Wilson and high-priced veteran Matt Flynn as a rookie, and ended up starting six games that year. He has outlasted a string of backup challenges, from Matt Schaub to Christian Ponder. He remains higher on the depth chart than fourth-round rookie Connor Cook, and has been thrust into the spotlight after Derek Carr broke his fibula in last week’s win over Indianapolis.

McGloin may find motivation in slights, but he doesn’t play angry.

“I don’t necessarily think I play that way,” McGloin said. “I mean, I really enjoy playing the game. I really enjoy competition, I enjoy being out there with the guys and playing the game and doing well and winning.”

McGloin doesn’t care much what outsiders think, but he certainly wants people to know he can play at this level. He is supremely confident in his ability to produce, and want to show that during this run of starts.

It starts with a chance to win the AFC West on Sunday at Denver and continues with a playoff game either at Houston next week or a home game in the divisional round. McGloin doesn’t feel pressure. This is an exciting time.

“You know, this is the position you want to be in,” McGloin said. “This is why you spend so much time trying to master your craft and why you put so much time in the weight room, in the film room and on the practice field, is for games like this, moments like this. So, we’re definitely aware of where we’re at right now and again, what’s at stake come Sunday and we’re excited about it.”

McGloin is a topic of national conversation in the aftermath of Carr’s injury, and there will certainly be polarizing opinions about whether he can perform on this stage.

McGloin tunes out the negativity well, even going so far as to block media types and fans on Twitter.

“I don’t sit there on my phone and do that, but to be honest with you guys, if I’m reading an article and I come across somebody, a sarcastic tweet or an article bashing the Oakland Raiders organization or bashing the guys in the locker room, I don’t want to read that stuff,” McGloin said. “So, that’s what gets people blocked on Twitter. (laughter) It’s nothing personal, you know? I don’t want to read bad or negative things about this organization or the guys in that locker room. That’s all.”

Why Drew Rosenhaus hopes Antonio Brown-Raiders trade sets precedent

Why Drew Rosenhaus hopes Antonio Brown-Raiders trade sets precedent

Antonio Brown's agent hopes his client is a trendsetter. 

Despite Brown having three years left on his contract deal and the trade necessitating a massive amount of dead money on their books, the Pittsburgh Steelers traded Brown to the Raiders for just a third- and fifth-round pick. Drew Rosenhaus thinks the deal could set a precedent for players under contract who are unhappy in their current situation. 

“What I hope it does is maybe bring some more balance," Rosenhaus told NBC Sports' Peter King in his Football Morning in America column. "There aren’t many players like Antonio Brown but perhaps—and I’m not suggesting that everybody go out and try to renegotiate their deal or ask for a trade—but I hope it gives players more leverage throughout the league.

"I hope it gives agents more confidence that they can affect something in a way that can make a positive change for their clients. Maybe this is a deal that’s bigger than just one particular contract.”

As Rosenhaus himself notes, Brown is a unique case. He is one of the very best players at his position, catching at least 100 passes for at least 1,200 yards and at least eight touchdowns in each of the past six seasons. Brown made the Pro Bowl in each of those years, and was first-team All-Pro every season from 2014 to 2017. 

Furthermore, his relationship with the Steelers was especially strained. Beginning with his Facebook Live stream from inside the Pittsburgh locker room in 2017 and culminating with his benching in Week 17 last season, it became clear that Brown's relationship with the Steelers was no longer tenable. A player without Brown's pedigree likely wouldn't have had the same leash before the Steelers ultimately decided to part ways. 

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Still, Brown's trade definitely represents a departure from business as usual in the NFL. This is an owner-driven and owner-dominated league, where player contracts are not guaranteed and the average career lasts about three years. The Brown saga, frankly, was far more NBA-like. 

If football players begin to have more power like their basketball peers, Brown's trade to the Raiders would mark a clear turning point. 

Rashaan Melvin says he cheated Raiders fans during season with the team


Rashaan Melvin says he cheated Raiders fans during season with the team

Rashaan Melvin said his goodbyes to the Raiders after the Lions announced a deal that would bring the cornerback to the team.

But Melvin's farewell to the Silver and Black was a bit of a sad one. Melvin said he felt as though he cheated the fans:

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Im thankful for every opportunity God has placed in my life. We all must go through some things to get to what is actually meant for us. I greatly appreciate the Oakland organization for giving me the opportunity to further my career this past season. I respect the raiders organization, I respect the tradition, and I respect the die hard fans that has and will forever believe in raider nation. I feel like I cheated the fans, and organization, and a long list of players that came before me that made the organization what it is. It was always a life time dream of mine to wear the silver and black. It really hurt me that I wasn’t able to be myself, and play the style of play that I know I was capable of playing. To all my guys in that locker room I appreciate you guys for making the year special through everything. I cherish the relationships that were created on and off the field. I respect you guys, and I wish you boy’s the best!! Y’all ball out for the City of Oakland 1 more time or for however long y’all there! Respect!! #22 #raidernation ✊🏾✊🏾

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This, of course, appeared to be more of him not feeling as though he played to his potential. Playing for the Raiders had been a dream of his.

Melvin only started in seven games last season which could be partly why he's feeling the way he's feeling. 

"To all my guys in the locker room, I appreciate you guys for making the year special through everything."