In case you forgot, the Seattle Seahawks did not hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch at the 1-yard line in Super Bowl XLIX.

Instead, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tried to pass to Ricardo Lockette, but Patriots defensive back Malcolm Butler intercepted it and sealed another New England title.

Since then, Lynch's teams haven't learned. 

On Sunday, the Oakland Raiders found themselves in that exact situation four years later. The Raiders had to cut the Los Angeles Chargers' lead to 11 points, with first-and-goal at the 1. Instead of handing the ball to Lynch, though, Derek Carr tried to pass. And, like Wilson's throw four years ago, it was intercepted.

Quarterbacks haven't done well when picking a 1-yard pass over a 1-yard Lynch run.

After Carr's pick, the Chargers marched down the field to pad their lead to 23, and they eventually won 26-10. The Raiders fell to 1-4, and Carr might find himself inundated with mentions from @OldTakesExposed.