Raiders’ Crosby thrives off doubt, doesn't want compliments

USA Today

The last thing Maxx Crosby wanted going into his second NFL season was a new position coach trying to butter him up with a bunch of compliments.

A classic overachiever who has been doubted since high school, the Raiders defensive end operates with a perpetual chip on his shoulder.

Never mind that he made NFL evaluators look foolish by outplaying his fourth-round draft status with 10 sacks, 47 tackles, 16 tackles for loss, 35 hurries and four forced fumbles in 10 rookie starts. Or how that lofty performance makes him one of the league’s most promising young defensive ends.

That stuff is just poison as far as Crosby is concerned. The outside doubt fuels him. He thrives on the skepticism. Any sort of overly positive feedback would throw that whole balance out of whack, especially coming from his immediate boss.


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