Raiders, Carr can make statement against Saints on MNF

Derek Carr
Getty Images

Nobody gave the Raiders much of a chance to go into New Orleans and beat the Saints back in the 2016 season opener. In fact, everything pointed to Drew Brees and company using the Raiders as a stepping-stone on their way to a big season.

Only that didn’t happen. The Raiders stunned the Saints, defeating them 35-34 in a game that included a stirring 2-point conversion with 47 seconds remaining.

The upset victory became the foundation on which the Raiders built a 12-4 season and their first postseason berth in 14 years. No one saw any of it coming — not the win, the winning season or the playoffs.

Only four Raiders remain on the roster from that group, but among them is quarterback Derek Carr. Looking back on it, he sees quite a few similarities between that situation and the one the Raiders face as they prepare to welcome the Saints to Las Vegas on Monday night.