Raiders featured in eight of NFL's '100 Greatest Plays', including No. 1


Raiders featured in eight of NFL's '100 Greatest Plays', including No. 1

Who doesn’t love an anniversary?

As the NFL celebrates 100 years of existence, the league has released its list of the top 100 plays from its first century.

The Oakland Raiders are involved in eight of the plays on the list, including seven of them that made it into the top 30. 

Most of the Raiders’ appearances in the countdown are positive plays for the team, but several -- including the No. 1 play in NFL history -- might leave some nostalgic fans in a somber mood

You can see each clip below, with the exception of No. 61, featuring Hall of Fame defensive back Willie Brown.

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Maybe the 2019 version of the Raiders can be inspired by all of this past success, as they prepare to face off with the Minnesota Vikings in Week 3.

Derek Carr has flashbacks after pivotal fumble through end zone vs. Packers

Derek Carr has flashbacks after pivotal fumble through end zone vs. Packers

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Derek Carr surveyed the Packers defensive backfield for a beat but couldn’t find anyone open. The Raiders quarterback rolled to his right and saw a path to the end zone. He took off running, with a defender angling hard to cut him off. Contact was coming soon, so Carr dove with an arm outstretched, reaching for the pylon.

The ball slipped from his grasp just before Carr’s knee hit the ground, thrust threw the corner of the end zone and out of bounds.

Raiders fans know all too well what happens next.

Touchback. Disaster. The clear pivot point in a damaging Raiders loss.

This one ended up a 42-24 loss to the Packers. If that sequence sounds hauntingly familiar, it should. That’s also how the Raiders lost to Dallas back in 2017, with Carr losing possession in identical fashion, again reaching out to the right pylon.

Carr said after the Cowboys loss that he would make the same play again in the future. Sunday might’ve been the last time he executes it like that.

"Everyone was patting me on the side of the head like, ‘you’re just trying to make a play,’ and I understand that,” Carr said. “Because of the result as a fumble, it’s the Packers’ ball and that sucks. In that moment, it’s so hard because you’re right there and you’re playing a tough team where you need all the points you can get. It’s so hard not to try. That’s everything I’ve even been about my entire life, is to try."

Carr knows the technique must be different next time.

“I’ve got to go with two hands, right?” Carr said. “Trying to extend to with one hand isn’t smart. That’s stupid. But, at the end of the day, it’s really hard to, in that situation, while you’re running, I’m not thinking about anything else but getting in the end zone. But it sucks, man. It’s my fault. I let my team down on that.”

The Raiders allowed that mistake to snowball and eventually avalanche. The defense took responsibility for what happened next. They let Aaron Rodgers go 80 yards and score before the end of the half and run another one win to start the third quarter.

The Raiders were 2 yards from a lead when Carr fumbled and were down 18 points before his next meaningful snap.

Again, disaster.

“That was a huge sequence in the game, but that’s not all on Derek,” safety Erik Harris said. “We play complementary football, and we as a defense needed to pick the team up at the end of the second half. We didn’t do that. We have to do better in those situations.”

Carr’s fumble will be the focal point of that terrible, no-good, very bad series of unfortunate events. He instantly had flashbacks to the Dallas game two years ago and recalled it after this loss.

“It’s so tough as a competitor to just run out at the 2-yard line and not try to go for the end zone,” Carr said. “If you score, everyone’s high-fiving you. If you fumble, everyone tells you to do it better. I understand that I dropped the ball and I messed up. I have to get better at using two hands. I have to practice that. That’s completely my fault.”

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Head coach Jon Gruden obviously didn’t like the result, but he didn’t mind the hustle.

“He’s trying to give great effort and lay out to score,” Gruden said. “The ball slipped out of his hands. If he had scored, we’d all feel pretty good. Unfortunately, it was 28-10 the next time we got the ball. That was a big play in the game and, defensively, we gave up a big play at the end of the first half and a big play to start the third quarter. We can’t play like that. We just can’t do it. Credit to them.”

Packers' Aaron Rodgers had historic day in dismantling Raiders' defense


Packers' Aaron Rodgers had historic day in dismantling Raiders' defense

There's no need to mince words: Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever grip the pigskin.

Despite all of his undeniable greatness, Rodgers might have been at his peak Sunday at Lambeau Field.

Playing a Raiders team with two weeks to prepare and without his top wide receiver, Davante Adams, Rodgers ripped the Silver and Black limb from limb, throwing for 429 yards and five touchdowns while adding a rushing touchdown and notching a perfect passer rating in a 42-24 Green Bay win. The Packers' star quarterback registered just six incompletions on the day.

Rodgers' destruction of the Silver and Black is one he'll surely remember.

Rodgers was locked in.

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The Raiders leave Lambeau Field at 3-3, and will head to Houston to play the Texans in the finale of their five-game road trip.

After back-to-back wins over the Colts and Bears, the Raiders put themselves in the thick of the AFC West race. After Rodgers took the wind out of their sails Sunday, the Silver and Black will need to regroup fast in order to stay in the AFC hunt.