OAKLAND – Raiders left tackle Donald Penn was beside himself on the sideline, upset that his quarterback got hurt. Derek Carr suffered what was later announced as a broken right fibula, one that will sideline him indefinitely.

Carr’s right ankle got trapped underneath him while sacked by Colts linebacker Trent Cole, who spun Carr around as he completed the tackle.

Cole was Penn’s assignment. The Pro Bowl left tackle hadn’t allowed a sack all season, but his man ended up reaching Carr. It’s not like Penn got beat. He slipped yet still pushed Cole down behind the play, but the linebacker got back up and found Carr as he searched for space in the pocket.

It wasn’t Penn’s fault, but he certainly took it hard.

“I’m very disappointed in myself because it’s my guy that got him,” Penn said. “I’ve been great all year, I don’t know how. I was engaged with my guy, I took another step and my foot slipped out from under me.

“I wish I had that play back. I’ve been great all year; I slip up on one play. I’m mad at myself. I’ll be good tomorrow, but I’m mad at myself. I wish there was something else I could do. I’ve never had a quarterback get hurt in my career. I’m upset right now.”

Carr was helped onto a cart preparing to take him to get X-rays, the quarterback spoke to Penn just before he left the field.


“He told me ‘I’m going to be good,’” Penn said. “He said ‘I got your back. I love you all.’ That’s how we are, we’re a family.”

Penn has been excellent all season. He will be an integral part of backup Matt McGloin’s success just as he was for Carr. The Raiders will need him and the offensive line to lead the way forward and ease the burden on a new signal caller.

“Teams have to find a way to pick up and move on,” head coach Jack Del Rio said. “We’ll rally around the next guy as best we can. That’s what you do. It’ll be incumbent on the offensive line and the backs to do more. The defense must do more. As a team, pick it up and do more to fill in. Obviously, it’s a big setback.”