Raiders mailbag: Is it time to consider firing Guenther?

USA Today

In spite of a big defensive game for the Raiders on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, Raiders fans still have questions about the defense.

They also inquire about rookies Bryan Edwards and Damon Arnette and a couple of young cornerbacks trying to make their move up the depth chart.

Here are some of the questions Vegas Nation received in this week’s Raiders mailbag.

MrNastyTYme503 (@MrNastyTYME503): How many 30-point games does our defense have to give up before we fire Paul Guenther!

Vincent Bonsignore: Not to make any excuses, but scoring is way up in the NFL this year. Defenses are simply not performing up to normal standards across the entire league. Without the benefit of a real offseason, a Raiders defense that was counting a number of new and young players was always going to be at a disadvantage.

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