Mailbag: Will Raiders sign big-time free agent receiver?


With free agency a week away, Raiders fans are understandably hungry for information and insight. That was reflected in this week’s Vegas Nation Mailbag as questions came in on free agency, trades and contract restructures.

Here is a sampling:

RaiderNationSkull (@Pitz73): With the cap room, do you think Jon Gruden goes after a bigger fish at WR? Or does he stay put and work something out with Nelson Agholor Also, do you think Nelly really has a lot of interest : in FA?

VINCENT BONSIGNORE: The first priority is bringing Agholor back, and given the cost-effectiveness in doing so he appears to be the best bet. The rapport he created with Derek Carr, and the reliability and production he represents make him extremely valuable. If they can’t work something out, there is confidence in the building that the improvement of Henry Ruggs and Bryan Edwards would offset the blow.

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