Derek Carr was really angry on Wednesday. A day later, he was slightly calmer.

Appearing on ESPN's Golic and Wingo on Thursday morning, the Raiders quarterback explained what caused him to go on a Twitter rant directed at First Take host Max Kellerman.

"The part where he goes in, and people talk about performance all the time, that stuff doesn't bother me," Carr said. "It's been happening for five years now, five-plus if you count college. That stuff doesn't bother you at all. But he said something where he questioned my desire and want to. This man has never talked to me in my entire life, this man has never worked out with me, never woke up early with me to study, to go play hurt and all these kinds of things.

"So, you can say all you want about performance. That's his job and I understand that. But when you start talking about a man's character and want to and and desire, that's just a different story and I don't think there's anyone holding these guys accountable when they go off on those kinds of tangents. I'm just someone that loves the truth.

"Again, what he just said, what we listened to, I have things that can prove that wrong, but I'm not in to that. I've got love for the guy, but at the same time, that doesn't mean you can't be held accountable when you are completely wrong about someones desire or want to."


What set Carr off on Wednesday was a comment by Kellerman that Carr "didn't want it." That comment sent Carr into a mini Twitter rant that included challenging Kellerman and co-host Stephen A. Smith to a fight in a UFC octagon.

The UFC's official Twitter handle responded to Carr's tweet ... sort of.

And the fine folks at Bovada have actually set odds on a hypothetical fight between Carr and Stephen A.

Like we said yesterday, we'd pay good money to see that fight. And we'd put money on the Raiders quarterback.