OAKLAND – Raiders quarterback Derek Carr fractured his right fibula during Saturday’s 33-25 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

Head coach Jack Del Rio announced that Carr will have surgery on Sunday and will be out indefinitely. He has officially been ruled out of next week’s game at Denver. While the Raiders didn’t reveal his status beyond, that it’s difficult to see him returning until next season.

“It won’t be a situation where you’re trying to get me to say something (about his playing status) in a week,” Del Rio said. “He’s going to be done a little while.”

Carr's injury sucked life out of Oakland Coliseum and the Raiders sideline. 

"We all felt it. I think the stadium felt it," Del Rio said. :It went from really, really good to kind of a got the wind knocked out of you feel.”

Carr was a legitimate MVP candidate as the season wound down, and had another strong game going heading into the fourth quarterback.

He got sacked by Trent Cole, and Carr’s right leg got twisted underneath his body. He immediately called for trainers and was in significant pain before being helped off the field by trainers. Video replays showed Carr say, “it’s broken,” and he was right.

The Raiders sideline was in shock, with many players kneeling around him while being attended to on the field.


Carr was carted into Oakland Coliseum for X-rays, which revealed damage to his right fibula.

Matt McGloin took over against the Colts and will be the team’s starting quarterback as the season moves forward.

They Raiders will rally around their backup quarterback, though it was dead silent in the locker room as teammates absorbed the loss of their leader.

“I feel terrible for him,” running back Latavius Murray said. “Before he’s a teammate, he’s my friend. He’s my best friend. I feel terrible for him outside of football. I know he’s strong-minded and will bounce back. That’s just the kind of guy he is, but again, I feel terrible for him.

“We just need to continue to work, continue to go out there and do what we need to do so we can be successful in the postseason. That’s been our goal the whole time. That doesn’t change despite the fact that Derek is going to be out for a few weeks.”

Raiders players were still reeling after the game, without time to deal with the disappointment. 

“It feels just like we lost," edge rusher Bruce Irvin said. "I mean, we lost our best friend, our leader. He is the leader of this team, both him and Khalil Mack. Just seeing him go down like that, it hurt us. It didn’t really feel like we won, but we got to continue to keep fighting. He won’t want to see us get down and worry about him. He wants us to keep fighting and that is what we got to do. We have confidence on this team that we can keep this thing rolling.”