Thank goodness none of us have to come across our babysitters later in life, right?

That would be embarrassing.

Imagine having to see the person once again who used to put you in timeout ... only to be reminded they aren't that much older than you?

Luckily, none of us have to go through that. Unless you're Hunter Renfrow.

ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted out a fun little story where he found out fellow ESPN-er, Wendi Nix, used to babysit the newly-drafted Raiders' wide receiver:

Oh yeah -- she did it all and changed the former Clemson Tiger's diapers during a part of his life that we hope wasn't too recent. 

The receiver also recently credited his mom for helping him develop his great hands.

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"I like to credit my mom," Renfrow said with a smile a few weeks ago at the opening of rookie minicamp. "My dad was my high school coach, but my mom would go out there and throw footballs to me, and they were never accurate. They were up here, they were down there, I'd have to be diving everywhere."


I can only imagine what type of stories would surface between Nix and Mommy Renfrow.