The Raiders are now two offseasons into a major roster rebuild, with significant progress made and lots of work left to be done. That’s true on the offensive side of the football, which is filling out well to this point. They have spent heavily and well up front, with a solid group of skill players that could’ve been better had the receiver corps not come apart at the seams. 

Since we have a week before ramping up NFL draft previews, let’s take a moment to evaluate the Raiders roster as it stands. We’re going to take a close look at it this week, devoting both Tuesday and Friday's Raiders Talk podcasts to the cause. We’re also going to take a look at each position group in story form, and here we’re going to rank the team’s top 25 offensive players regardless of position. 

I’m certain you won’t agree with this order. You’ll think a player is too high or too low, or someone belongs over another. It’s hard comparing to centers to receivers to quarterbacks, and we’ve taking prestige away from the position and focus on just how well a player mans his post. 

Feel free to comment and debate on social media. We’re sure many of you will. Let’s have fun with these during a period where we have some extra time on our hands. Thanks to those who weighed in on this ranking and made it better. Let’s get on with the list. Here are the top 25 offensive players.