Raiders quarterback Derek Carr got his chance Thursday morning to explain why he was so upset with Max Kellerman's comments.

But you just knew he wasn't going to have the last word.

Kellerman's First Take co-host Stephen A. Smith wasn't going to miss a chance to yell, so he went in on Carr's comments on his show a little later in the morning.

"I will meet up with Derek Carr anytime, any place, anywhere to discuss what his career has been," Stephen A. said. "And since he said he loves facts, Derek Carr said he loves facts, let me give them to you. Derek Carr ranks 27th of 33 quarterbacks in the National Football League this year, 49.8 QBR. Passer Rating ranked 18th out of 33. In his five years in the National Football League, four have been losing seasons. He's had one [winning season], he broke his fibula, and I recall before Max and I talking about 'This guy is in line to win the MVP' before he went down with that broken fibula. We acknowledge that.

"But since that moment in time, you haven't been that damn impressive. Pick-six, interceptions, under thrown balls, balls thrown in the ground. Needing eight yards for a first down, throwing for three yards. Making questionable decisions, starting off the season 1-8. Those are facts. Now, according to Derek Carr, he should love me because I just gave facts."


The fact is, Stephen A. just likes to yell and say crazy things.