Tua could share field with his mentor Mariota on Saturday

Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins
USA Today

There wasn’t really a place for the 9-year-old with the rocket arm at the weekend quarterback camps run by Vinny Passas back in Honolulu.

One side of the field was for the sixth-graders and younger, while the other was for the older kids.

Young Tua Tagovailoa was far too advanced for the beginners who had no chance of holding on to his laser-like passes. The more experienced group didn’t want him around either out of fear he would embarrass them should they be the one unfortunate enough to have to follow him in a drill.

Passas, a renowned quarterback guru who has developed a string of successful signal-callers from the islands, remembers one of the older kids taking Tagovailoa under his wing.

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