Watch Carr start NASCAR field at Pennzoil 400 in Las Vegas

Derek Carr, Raiders

When you’re the quarterback of an NFL team, you get to do some cool stuff in the offseason. With the Raiders' home in Las Vegas now, Derek Carr has plenty of opportunities to dabble with some fun in the entertainment capital of the world.

Before Sunday’s Pennzoil 400 race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Carr gave the NASCAR field the ceremonial “start your engines” call.

“Drivers!” Carr yelled into the microphone. “Start your engines! Let’s go!”

Carr was one of three pro athletes to serve as NASCAR grand marshal this weekend in Las Vegas, along with Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles and Buffalo Bills running back Antonio Williams.

For all the Raiders fans who have tweeted #StartTheCarr over the years, they must have loved this event simply for the pun value.

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Quarterbacks need to have a mean bark at the line of scrimmage when there are 70,000 people screaming and they’re trying to audible at the line, so you could hear Carr’s roar on Sunday. It also looks like Carr has been keeping up with his offseason workout regimen because he was pumped up in the photo he tweeted.

There’s a reason why he hasn’t missed a start each of the past three seasons.

Despite some earlier rumors regarding Carr this offseason, it appears the Raiders would have to be absolutely floored by an offer before trading him away. He’s signed for the next two seasons on team-friendly terms and reportedly is a candidate for a contract extension, meaning he could be in Sin City for years to come.


Who knows, this might not be the only time Carr starts the cars for NASCAR. Sorry, had to.