To say this wasn't the way the Raiders wanted to end their last game in Oakland is an understatement.

After their heartbreaking 20-16 loss to the Jaguars, minor chaos ensued Sunday afternoon at the Oakland Coliseum. The emotions ran high for everyone -- especially the fans.

As Raiders quarterback Derek Carr exited the field and thanked fans, the stadium filled up with booing:

The Black Hole made plenty of noise during the game -- and it didn't stop when it concluded:

There even was an altercation reportedly involving security and a fan:

You can see remnants of food, cans of beer and trash in the end zone: 


Fans walked on tops of the dugouts as the booing continued. Some were shouting for coach Jon Gruden as well:

They wouldn't leave after the game, either:

Some fans were seen rushing the field and being escorted by security and law enforcement: 

And a child was crushed by fans who were pressing against him as Carr went to greet fans after the game:

Fans also tore off the Raiders banner on top of one of the dugouts: 

All in all, a bit of an ugly scene in Oakland for a stadium filled with countless memories.

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