Bills fan Couture to miss AFC Championship for Sharks-Wild


If you’re in the middle of a Sharks practice or game, and there’s a Buffalo Bills matchup going on, Logan Couture might be asking you for updates.

The Sharks captain is a huge Bills fan. So much so, he quickly left to head back to the team hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz. in order to finish watching the playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts a couple of weeks back. 

His teammate, Kevin Labanc, told The Mercury News’ Curtis Pashelka he doesn’t even believe Couture showered after practice in order to watch as much of the game as possible.

Now, the Bills find themselves seeking their first Super Bowl appearance since 1993. They take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday’s AFC Championship game. That’s about when the Sharks will be playing the Minnesota Wild. 

Expect him to be hounding those around him about what’s going on in the game.

Couture’s fandom for the Bills is partly due to his uncle’s own affinity for the team. He remembered the years the Bills were winning in the 90s and watching Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly playing. Even if it went against his dad, the Dallas Cowboys fan.

“The big memories for me growing up was just playing the Patriots and losing to them what seemed like every single time they played them and Tom Brady,” Couture said. “So this year, it’s been nice not to see Tom Brady in a Patriots uniform.”


Couture also told Pashelka how much he appreciated different players like Los Gatos native and Buffalo quarterback Trent Edwards and wide receiver Terrell Owens, who made an appearance with the Bills in 2009. And he’s been really impressed with what Josh Allen has done with the team leading them to a 13-3 record in the regular season.

“He’s been incredible,” Couture told Pashelka. “I watched him when he played at Wyoming, and I followed a lot of those quarterbacks that year because the Bills were looking at a quarterback in the first round. I saw him play against San Jose State and he had his best game, but he’s really improved.”

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Unfortunately, Couture only was able to attend one Bills game when he was a kid, but he appreciated the Anchor Bar in Buffalo and eating their chicken wings.

Hopefully, there’s a way to keep Couture informed while not breaking concentration during the Sharks’ game.