Hedican found purpose through Kung Fu after long NHL career


Bret Hedican played over 1,000 games in his 17-year NHL career, including being part of a Stanley Cup-winning team with the Carolina Hurricanes in 2005-06.

But once his time in professional hockey wound down, Hedican knew he needed something to motivate himself to get up every morning. That's when he found Kung Fu.

"That's what you miss about pro sports," Hedican said. "Those moments of being in complete control of both mind and body at the same time and performing at a high level."

Hedican believes the connection between mind and body aligns perfectly with the art of Kung Fu.

"I was so lucky to find East West Kung Fu here in my hometown, and then to be as great as it is, I've been really excited about the progress I've made," Hedican said.

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