The NHL's newest franchise officially has its name: Meet the Seattle Kraken.

Seattle will begin play in the 2021-2022 season and join the Pacific Division. Just as they did when the Vegas Golden Knights joined the league, the Sharks soon will have a new rivalry. 

And it should be a fun one.

San Jose and Vegas already have given us multiple instantly classic games. There's no love lost between the two teams, and gloves are bound to come off every game. We can only hope the same is true when the Sharks and Kraken first square off. 

Here are five reasons why we should be in for a great rivalry between the two sides.

New foe in the Pacific 

The Pacific Division currently consists of eight teams, including the Sharks. There is no team they currently hate more than the Golden Knights. It's not even close. 

Perhaps the newest team to the north can take that mantle. Vegas shocked many by winning the Pacific in its first season and then making it all the way to the 2018 Stanley Cup Final. In their first three seasons, the Golden Knights twice have won the division. 

If Seattle starts off hot like Vegas, Sharks fans are sure to get angry and release their loudest boos on the Kraken. That will be especially true if they steal one of their best players ...

Twitter trolling

The Kraken's social media team isn't messing around. Here's their Twitter bio right now: "now that we have a name, we're strategizing all the ways to draft your favorite player."


Point taken. With the NHL adding a new team, the Sharks will lose a player in the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft. There's a real chance San Jose will lose a big-name player like Brent Burns or Martin Jones. 

If that does happen or a San Jose player becomes a star in Seattle, Sharks fans will hate the Kraken much more right away.

The battle for best sweater

The Sharks proudly have donned teal since they first started skating in 1991. The Kraken list "ice blue," "boundless blue" and "shadow blue" among their colors, and the combination is eye-popping.

Look, the Kraken's jerseys are damn good. There's no arguing. Go ahead, yell at me. You're not winning this battle. 

But Sharks fans are passionate about having some of the best threads in the game. And rightfully so. They definitely have some mean competition now, though. 

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Stadium nicknames 

SAP Center owns one of the best nicknames in all of sports. The "Shark Tank" is a staple in the NHL and beyond. 

There also aren't many entrances that rival with players skating through a giant shark head onto the ice. The Kraken should be able to have awesome player introductions ... but their eventual stadium nickname at Climate Pledge Arena, not so much. 

Call me Sensitive Sam all you want. Truth is, the "Krakhouse" ain't it. The Sharks take this one by a mile.

Adding fuel to 49ers-Seahawks rivalry

When the Sharks pulled off their epic comeback and beat the Golden Knights in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, SAP Center went absolutely crazy. That includes 49ers players losing their minds, too. 

Joe Staley and Mike McGlichey went wild, and George Kittle showed his superstitious side by never leaving his lucky seat. 

Now we need Seattle Seahawks stars like Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf and Bobby Wagner to get in on the action. If the 49ers and Seahawks can extend their rivalry to hockey, that only makes it more intense on the football field.