Programming note: Watch the re-air of Logan Couture's game-winning goal against the Vegas Golden Knights tonight at 8 p.m. PT on NBC Sports California.

While the NHL season is indefinitely paused due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Logan Couture's daily entertainment diet typically consists of a mix of comedy and seriousness. Usually, he would mix sports in with that regimen, but right now, that's not possible.

The Sharks' captain currently is watching the ninth season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and the second season of "The Wire." There are also daily showings of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Tonight, however, there will be sports on TV. Specifically, a Sharks game in which San Jose pulled off a thrilling overtime win over an archrival -- and Couture played the role of the hero.

To help Sharks fans get through this unprecedented time, NBC Sports California is re-airing memorable games from San Jose lore. On Thursday night, they were treated to Tomas Hertl's coming-out party, in which he scored four goals in his third career NHL game. Friday's choice was put to a fan vote, and there was a definite theme to the available choices.

Hmm. Couture's overtime winner against the Vegas Golden Knights on Nov. 21, or Couture's OT winner against the New York Islanders ... two days later? As you can see, the rivalry won out.

So, tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC Sports California, you can watch the first of what turned out to be three consecutive overtime victories for San Jose. Of course, given the opponent, this one felt a little bit sweeter.


The game in question came in the middle of the Sharks' strongest stretch of play of the season, in which they won 11 of 13. It's difficult for Couture to evaluate the bright spot of the season, but that stretch in November would have to be it.

"It's tough to answer that question right now," Couture told NBC Sports California's Brodie Brazil, "because, to me, it still feels like we're in the middle of a season. We haven't ended. We haven't done the year-end meetings. We haven't played our last game at the Shark Tank where we give everyone our jerseys. We haven't talked to Doug [Wilson] about how the season went. Like, nothing has been finalized like a normal season is, so it's tough to reflect right now."

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Nonetheless, Couture gave it the ol' college try.

"I think maybe November, we played pretty good," he said. "We won 11 games, I think of 13. That was a good time. We felt like we were back in the race. But the low points this year were lower than they've been in a long time, and we want to avoid that going forward."

Sharks fans have dealt with enough low points this season, and certainly are now. Hopefully, Couture's clutch goal at the high point of San Jose's season can bring them some cheer tonight.