Sharks' Kane reveals things he can't live without on road

Getty Images

Golf clubs. Sharks star Evander Kane never leaves home without them … apparently.

Kane sat down recently with GQ and gave the 10 things he can’t live without while he’s on the road. 

His clubs never leave the back of his trunk in case he needs to play a round of golf at the last minute or hit the driving range. He also always keeps a range finder near him.

The guy loves golf, what can he say?

Naturally, his phone is one of the things he can’t live without -- which makes sense. You yourself probably are reading this on your phone right now. His newborn daughter, Kensington, graces his phone case as well, proving it’s extra special for him.

Speaking of … her soother (pacifier) is also extremely important for Kane. For obvious reasons.

“I’ve been on it more than ever,” Kane said, describing how the pandemic has created more of a reason to use it. He also says he spends the most time on Instagram as far as social media is concerned, but doesn’t need the measuring app to tell him how often he spends in front of the screen.

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“My wife does a pretty good job of letting me know how much time I spend on my phone, so ... ” Kane added.

Kane also said his headphones and some Lysol sanitizing wipes are what he keeps on him at all times.