We made our case and then let the fans have their say.

Now that the votes have been counted, here are the results for Sharks' fans favorite jersey in franchise history.

Drumroll please ...

With 44 percent of the vote, the Sharks' original teal sweaters were picked by San Jose fans as their favorite jersey in franchise history.

The updated 2018-19 Sharks jerseys came in second with 29 percent of the vote. The 2001 Black jerseys finished with 20 percent, while the original white jerseys garnered seven percent.

On Friday, NBC Sports California explained why we felt the original teal sweaters were the best.

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At the time of the Sharks' birth in 1991, the NHL lacked a team that had teal as part of its color package. San Jose broke ground with their sweaters and the fans took notice, making it one of the best-selling jerseys in the league.

While 56 percent of Sharks fans didn't agree with us, we're happy to have the other 44 percent on our side.