Sharks' Logan Couture says he was punched for Donald Trump, Republican support


Sharks captain Logan Couture tweeted Wednesday morning that he was sucker-punched Tuesday night in Toronto for talking about voting for the Republican Party and mentioning President Donald Trump. 

Couture, 31, is a Canadian native and cannot vote in the Nov. 3 U.S. election. He said he was punched for saying that he would vote Republican if he could, and also saying that his father was a police officer.

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The Republican National Convention is taking place in Charlotte, N.C. this week. Couture later said he doesn't like Trump. He tweeted he "only talked about what the Republicans may bring in the election." The Sharks star also said he'll "never talk politics in public again." 

Couture has spent his entire 11-year NHL career in San Jose. Next season is set to be his second as the Sharks' captain.