Sharks' loss to Maple Leafs evidence that all plays matter


In a hockey game, all the plays matter.

That was evident in the San Jose Sharks’ 4-1 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Friday night.

Case in point, this Alexander Barabanov turnover early in the second period.

This is a pass that the skilled Barabanov (94) makes, what, 99 of 100 times? At the very least, you would expect him to not miss Rudolfs Balcers (92) by that much.

But it’s just one turnover, right? Who cares?

 Yeah, that turnover mattered.

Not to pick solely on Barabanov – a lot went wrong on that back-breaking Auston Matthews (34) goal that made it 3-1, including Brent Burns (88) not corralling the initial Maple Leafs dump-in and Logan Couture (39) missing a chance to clear. In hockey, it’s every bit as much about how you recover from a mistake, it’s not just about the initial mistake.


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