Marleau shares funny DoorDash experience at Sharks' hotel


With the Sharks opening up their season in Arizona, they’re staying in a nearby hotel for the time being, which means a lot of ordering in with the help of DoorDash.

Patrick Marleau shares an account with his wife, so naturally, there could be some confusion as he explained on ABC7's With Authority podcast.

“We share the same account so I’ll order some food and she’ll be getting all the texts like, ‘Hey, I’m out front, I can’t find you,’ " Marleau told hosts Larry Beil, Casey Pratt and Chris Alvarez. "So that happened a few times and I’m like, ‘OK next time, I’m going to be down there waiting for him to make sure they don’t text and bug her.’ And of course, that’s the time the Dasher got lost so he had to call.”

Another situation had one of Marleau’s sons ordering Five Guys, but Marleau didn’t switch it back to their address. It was still selected as Marleau’s address at the Arizona hotel.

“I ended up with a couple shakes and a couple burgers one day,” he said. “They were supposed to be for my kids, but they still found a home.”

Marleau says the players have been indulging in Chipotle and room service while he has been ordering a lot of True Food Kitchen.

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The Sharks were forced to have their training camp in Arizona due to Santa Clara County’s ban on contact sports. The team still isn't sure when they will be able to play at SAP Center in San Jose, but at least there is plenty to grub on, especially for Marleau.

The 41-year-old could break Gordie Howe’s all-time record of 1,767 games played in April.