Sharks Twitter account gives perfect reaction to Jumbo news


Well, he gone.

Sharks legend, well -- former Sharks legend -- Joe Thornton signed a one-year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs on Friday despite the hope he would return to San Jose. 

The Leafs made the announcement via a tweet, and Sharks’ Twitter wasn’t too happy about it:

Ja feel.

There were plenty of reports and speculation that Jumbo was being pursued by the Leafs, so this doesn’t present too much of a surprise. But we can all understand why the Sharks account reacted the way it did.

Across Thornton’s 23-year career, he spent 15 of those seasons as a member of the Sharks. The leadership presence was one thing, but he also recorded 1,055 points (251 goals and 804 assists), and became a staple to the team and the San Jose community.

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The four-time All-Star is on to a new chapter in his life, with some new facial hair. Er, no facial hair, to be specific. 

We wish him the best of luck, but we also might need a moment.