Evander Kane and Ryan Reaves' trash talk finally spilled over into an on-ice confrontation. 

Two days after they traded verbal jabs with Game 2 all but over, Kane and Reaves dropped the gloves and fought in the Sharks' 6-3 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights on Sunday night. 

Kane and Reaves have jawed with each other dating to the regular season. The former called the latter the Golden Knights' babysitter, and Reaves quipped before Game 2 that would make him "the highest-paid babysitter in the world."

Reaves made his displeasure with the Sharks' winger known before Game 3.

“Kane gets 10 feet tall when I’m not on the ice, and when I’m out there, he doesn’t seem to do much,” Reaves told reporters, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “That’s how he’s been every time I’ve played him in my career. I don’t expect it to stop."

The chirps continued after the game, but not from the participants. Sharks center Joe Thornton said he was impressed with Kane's response, and trolled Reaves in the process. 

"For a 30-goal scorer, boy he looked good in that fight, huh," Thornton quipped to reporters after the game. "It looked like Brett Hull fighting Ryan. It was tough to see Ryan go down like that versus a 30-goal scorer, but hopefully he'll have better luck next time."

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Kane, Thornton and the Sharks now trail Reaves and the Golden Knights two games to one in their first-round Stanley Cup playoff series. With at least two more games to go, it doesn't seem like the animosity between these teams will go away any time soon.