For the second time in eight days, the officials were the center of controversy in a game between the Sharks and Bruins.

Last week, they missed a blatant high stick in the final minute that resulted in the game-tying Bruins' goal. Oh, and they also whistled dead an Evander Kane breakaway in overtime because no one could be troubled to put the Bruins' net back on its moorings.

Boston eventually won in overtime, and the Sharks were none too happy about it.

They aren't any happier the second time around, after the officials also appeared to miss a vicious hit to Kane's head by Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara on Tuesday.

Not only did they let the hit to the head go uncalled; they gave Kane an instigator penalty and resulting ejection after he fought the considerably larger Chara in an effort to defend himself, since the officials clearly were not going to.

Even though the infraction wasn't called on the ice, it appears Chara can expect to hear from NHL's Department of Player Safety.

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As Kane skated to the penalty box, he could be seen mouthing, "Are you blind?" in the direction of the officials. And, given his and the Sharks' experience in their last two meetings with the Bruins, you can't blame him for wondering.