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Adam Rank predicts 49ers to finish with 12-4 record in 2020 NFL season

Adam Rank predicts 49ers to finish with 12-4 record in 2020 NFL season

49ers fans let NFL Media's Adam Rank have it when he predicted San Francisco to finish with a 3-13 record in 2019. The Faithful consistently reminded Rank of his prediction as the 49ers put together a 13-3 season and advanced all the way to Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

Rank has reversed course with his prediction for 2020, and now sees the 49ers finishing with a 12-4 record. According to Rank, San Francisco's four losses will come in Week 4 at home against the Philadelphia Eagles, Week 8 in Seattle against the Seahawks, Week 10 at the Superdome against the New Orleans Saints and Week 15 at the Dallas Cowboys, the last of which he described as potentially being "the game of the season."

"12-4, taking a step back, but really, I think this team is better," Rank said (h/t 49ersWebZone). "You think about Jimmy Garoppolo; I know a lot of people wanted to bring in Tom Brady. That was ridiculous. Jimmy Garoppolo is a good quarterback. Raheem Mostert is a good running back. Nick Bosa, obviously, is as good as advertised.

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"You might feel disrespected. You might feel that I should say 13-3 or 14-2. You probably wish I would say 3-13 again. But here's the thing: To me, the 49ers are in a very similar situation to what the (Kansas City) Chiefs were in last year. The Chiefs, two years ago, No. 1 seed, got knocked off in the AFC Championship Game, then went out and won the Super Bowl. I think it behooves the 49ers to kind of just, 'Alright, don't need to be the No. 1 seed again, and just kind of fly under the radar.' "

A defeat at home to the Eagles would be the most surprising result among the games Rank predicts the 49ers to lose. But if quarterback Carson Wentz is healthy, it's hard to count Philadelphia out against anyone.

Either way, Rank is not interested in giving the 49ers any more bulletin-board material for 2020.

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NFL Network's Adam Rank goes all-in on 49ers after bad 2019 prediction

NFL Network's Adam Rank goes all-in on 49ers after bad 2019 prediction

Not many would have expected the success the 49ers gave us last season. Well, one guy in particular really didn't expect it.

NFL Network analyst Adam Rank might be the main person to eat his words following his preseason prediction that the 49ers would go 3-13 went viral. But he has redeemed himself. 

Kyle Shanahan's team obviously was more successful than that, going 13-3 in the regular season and leading by 10 points in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV before collapsing against the Kansas City Chiefs. Rank heard it all from 49ers fans, even admitting he was an idiot for saying such a thing

Rank wrote Tuesday on that not only are the 49ers becoming one of the league’s “model organizations,” but also that walking away from Miami without a ring didn’t mean they were out of the fight -- not even a little bit.

The 49ers have everything going for them in 2020 for another deep run. They'll bring back tight end George Kittle, who looks to be the highest-paid at the position in NFL history. Jimmy Garoppolo has a Super Bowl appearance as a starter under his belt. Nick Bosa looks to have another successful season and we get to see the freakishly athletic ability of rookie receiver Brandon Aiyuk.

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That’s just what’s happening on the field.

Rank praised the front office, led by general manager John Lynch, for part of that success as well. 

Rank knows that any team could face a post-championship hangover that not even the strongest of Gatorade could cure. Their expectations are high, but this team is the real deal -- and naturally, they’ll have a target on their backs. But Rank is done doubting -- but said he understands if people don’t believe him.

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“I know me praising the 49ers will make the fans uneasy,” Rank told NBC Sports Bay Area on Tuesday. “Like whenever Ric Flair would cozy up to Sting. And as much as you'd like me to discredit them again, we don't have to resort to such tricks because this is a very good team. Though I don't blame you if you don't trust me.”

He said it, he’s a believer. Now, let’s give the guy a break. 

NFL analyst Adam Rank admits he's 'an idiot' for 3-13 49ers prediction

NFL analyst Adam Rank admits he's 'an idiot' for 3-13 49ers prediction

NFL fantasy analyst Adam Rank is "an idiot," according to, well -- himself.

He predicted the 49ers wouldn't be as successful as they were. Before the season started, Rank believed the team would go 3-13.

49ers defensive back Richard Sherman responded to those who underestimated the squad that is now 4-0 after an exciting 31-3 win against the Cleveland Browns on Monday night.

"You want idiots to sound like idiots, but you want them to hold their position all year," Sherman told reporters after the win. "Don't flip flop with us. If you said we weren't going to make it, if you said we were some way early on, just stick with that position. Hold it. Don't try to give us credit now. Just stick (with) it.

Rank responded:

"Yeah, you know what -- let's just be perfectly truthful." Rank said in the YouTube video. "I got this prediction wrong."

Rank made it rather simple. And also reminded everyone to be cool. We all see what people write to one another behind a keyboard, and despite the fact he's told her not to, his wife reads some of those things sent to him that are #NSFW.

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This is what sports are all about, Rank added. 

But ... if that's not good enough for you, that's OK. He explains why he made the prediction that he did in the YouTube video in the tweet above.