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Bob Myers describes best part about Andrew Bogut returning to Warriors

Bob Myers describes best part about Andrew Bogut returning to Warriors

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Warriors center Damian Jones sustained a season-ending pectoral injury on Dec. 1 in Detroit.

Shortly thereafter, Golden State connected with Bogut about a possible return.

On Friday morning, Warriors GM Bob Myers shed light on the process of reuniting with Bogut during an appearance on 95.7 The Game.

"Andrew, because he's loyal and because it was partly his team in Australia, was saying, 'Look, I'm not gonna leave now. I can't do that to my teammates and my organization. But if you're still interested when my season is over...' 

"And Bogut didn't bail on his team. He waited until they were out of the playoffs. He said, 'Worst case, early March I'm done. If you're still interested, let me know.' So that's how that thing started.

"And it was quiet because so many things can change. If a wing had gotten hurt, maybe we would have had to go wing."

Well, no wings on the Warriors got hurt, Robin Lopez didn't reach a buyout with the Bulls by March 1 and Bogut is rocking a Warriors uniform again (and getting standing ovations from the fans at Oracle).

"The best part of the story is that Andrew wanted to come back," Myers explained. "In this business, there's so much opportunity for people to not get along.

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"Relationships are often broken and not repaired. And so to sustain a relationship with a guy that we actually had to trade ... he could have not come back. If he had any negative feelings about us, he's just gonna say, 'Hey, I'm flattered. I'm not coming.' Or not even picked up the phone.

"The better part is he had a rapport with our players; with Steve (Kerr). It's a testament to our culture that a guy had a good enough time that he wanted to come back."

Or, the guy just really missed playing poker with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

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JJ Redick agrees with Bob Myers' assessment about unhappiness in NBA

JJ Redick agrees with Bob Myers' assessment about unhappiness in NBA

A couple of weeks ago at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver talked a good amount about unhappiness in the NBA.

What he told The Ringer's Bill Simmons about many of the league's star players became a much-discussed topic in the media.

"When I meet with them, what strikes me is that they are truly unhappy," Silver said. "This is not some show they are putting on for the media."

Last week, Rockets guard Chris Paul was a guest on The JJ Redick Podcast and the former teammates discussed the Commissioner's comments (you should seriously listen to the whole episode).

Very early on, Redick revealed the following:

Bob Myers -- Golden State GM -- he was my agent when I first came out (of college). I remember my second year when I wasn't playing a lot, we had a bunch of late night conversations -- me venting to him. And I remember something that stuck with me ever since.

"He said to me, he's like, 'We represent 50-something clients -- I would say five are happy.' He's like, 'Even the guys who are making a ton of money and taking 20 shots a game...' He had a client at the time who takes 20 shots a game and he just signed a huge deal -- like four (years) for $50 (million) extension and he's unhappy.

"He's like, 'I have maybe three or four clients that are legit happy.' I kind of agree with that assessment. Think about how many guys in the league on a day-to-day basis are really, really enjoying it."

Redick's second year in the NBA was the 2007-08 season, which was way before social media became the unbelievable force it is today. So by this logic, many NBA players (not just the superstars) were unhappy prior to having the ability to check their Twitter and/or Instagram mentions.

And now, the unhappiness is amplified.

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"I believe there is something right about what he said," Paul said to Redick. "Obviously, everything we do now there's really no privacy ... some guys genuinely want to hoop, go home, chill with their families. But this is a business, this is entertainment. This is what we do, so some of this is what you signed up for.

"We gotta just try to find a happy medium, which I don't know what that is. I don't know the answers to it. But happiness isn't money. That's one thing that we do know. Happiness is not fame."

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Bob Myers explains why DeMarcus Cousins has 'taken too much criticism'

Bob Myers explains why DeMarcus Cousins has 'taken too much criticism'

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Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins is averaging 15.5 points, 8.1 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 1.2 steals and 1.3 blocks over 25.2 minutes this season.

He is shooting 45 percent overall, but below 25 percent from 3-point territory.

On Thursday afternoon, Warriors general manager Bob Myers provided his assessment on Boogie's first 17 games.

"Working DeMarcus in, I think he's probably taken too much criticism," the two-time NBA Executive of the Year said on 95.7 The Game. "I think we probably all deserve it in some respects. When we falter as a team, I think it lands on all of us.

"I understand he's probably an easy target because he's the newest guy ... defensively, we're bad with him, we're bad without him. We've been bad.

"There's still an assimilation period that we're going through. But I do think he's trying. He's given effort and we're gonna figure out the right schemes. There's bigs in the NBA that don't switch -- we're trying to figure out what are the best coverages for him. 

"I think DeMarcus is still a tremendous weapon to have on our ballclub."

The numbers do support Myers' assertion that the defense has struggled no matter who is out there. Golden State's defensive rating is 108.6 with Cousins on the court and 108.9 when he is on the bench.

Even still, there's no doubt that the Warriors' starting center is struggling specifically with defending beyond the arc. Stepping out onto the perimeter and effectively contesting 3-pointers is not something he's comfortable doing.

Last Saturday, the 76ers exploited Cousins repeatedly as Mike Scott and Jonah Bolden combined to make nine 3-pointers.

Because of this, the reality is that Cousins' minutes in the playoffs likely will be dictated by certain matchups. 

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On the other end of the floor, the four-time All-Star has been a force at times and is definitely creating some problems for the opposition.

"Offensively, he's given us optionality on the block -- which we're trying to still figure out the best way to utilize it," Myers said. "Steph and Klay and Kevin and Draymond have never had a low post presence. I think it probably becomes more important in the playoffs when we struggle.

"We're still getting used to it in the regular season."

The good news is that the Warriors still have about five weeks to figure stuff out before the playoffs begin. As Joel Embiid would say...

... trust the process.

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