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Why Bob Myers, Warriors didn't have problem with Kevin Durant leaving

Why Bob Myers, Warriors didn't have problem with Kevin Durant leaving

Kevin Durant received endless criticism for his decision to join the Warriors. When he opted to depart for the Brooklyn Nets in free agency, whatever sour grapes there were did not emanate from Golden State.

As Warriors general manager Bob Myers explained on ESPN's "The Woj Pod," that was both intentional and deserved.

"Look, the guy came to our team, was MVP of the Finals twice, two championships, three Finals," Myers told Adrian Wojnarowski, "what do you want? I mean, what do you want to happen? What do you expect out of a human being? What is the problem with that? But, people would find it and seek it. 

"Everybody is so fast to look at what's wrong with a team, and I was just so focused on -- and still am -- on what was right with all those things, even in losing. Even in the effort you make to win or lose, there are great experiences there. And so for me -- and it may have come from I liked the guy, for all of him.

"A lot of people that comment on him would say he shouldn't have left or he shouldn't have done this -- everybody's telling him how to live his life. The way I think about Kevin is ... just because you don't understand doesn't mean he's confused."

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Long before Myers built arguably the greatest team in NBA history, he was a player agent, and that perspective surely factored into him harboring no ill will towards Durant whatsoever.

"Players are allowed to do whatever they want to do, whether it's him or anybody else," Myers added. "In professional sports, you sign contracts, and when you're free you get to do what you want to do. You can't criticize a guy for that."

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Ex-Warriors coach Mark Jackson reacts to Knicks hiring Tom Thibodeau

Ex-Warriors coach Mark Jackson reacts to Knicks hiring Tom Thibodeau

Mark Jackson -- a native of the Big Apple -- was drafted by the New York Knicks with the No. 18 overall pick in the 1987 NBA Draft.

The former Warriors coach played six full seasons (plus part of the 2000-01 campaign) with the organization, and represented the Knicks in the 1989 NBA All-Star Game.

Although he was rumored to be a candidate to become the franchise's next coach, Tom Thibodeau got the job.

"He will establish a culture of hard work (and) discipline. Great hire for the Knicks," Jackson said on ESPN's show "First Take" Thursday morning. "I wish them nothing but the very best."

Stephen A. Smith then asked the current NBA TV analyst for his thoughts about potentially getting another NBA head-coaching job in the future.

"Coaching the Golden State Warriors for three years -- had the time of my life," Jackson said. "Relationships that will last a lifetime. (We) turned things around and had tremendous success. I look forward to the next opportunity of me being a head coach in this league once again.

"I really am excited about the opportunity of having the chance to lead another franchise -- either turn things around or keep (things) on the same track and give us a chance to win it all.

"I look forward to that day. But I'm not a guy that's gonna go crazy waiting for an opportunity."

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That chance just might come with the Brooklyn Nets, who parted ways with Kenny Atkinson in early March and replaced him with assistant coach Jacque Vaughn.

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If the Nets determine Vaughn is not the man for the job long term, Jackson (who grew up in Brooklyn) could end up getting the call. Don't forget that he is close with Rich Kleiman, who is Kevin Durant's business partner and close friend.

This definitely is a story to follow in the coming weeks and months.

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Nets GM Sean Marks denies wild Gregg Popovich 'Godfather offer' rumor

Nets GM Sean Marks denies wild Gregg Popovich 'Godfather offer' rumor

Could Kevin Durant and Gregg Popovich team up in Brooklyn?

As unlikely as the scenario is, there is a rumor floating around the NBA Twitterverse that the Nets are preparing to try to lure the legendary coach away from the San Antonio Spurs.

Stick with me here.

During a recent episode of the "Let's Get Technical" podcast, former NBA player Gerald Brown joined hosts Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells, and guest Amin Elhassan. Brown said this:

"There's a story going around that the owner of the Brooklyn Nets is looking to make a 'Godfather offer' to Gregg Popovich, and when I say the 'Godfather [offer], it's something he can't refuse," Brown said. "Hearing this news, and it's probably going to circulate more in the days to come, I'm not really buying it at all."

Brown didn't cite a source on this rumor. But back in March, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith did mention Popovich's name as one of three candidates for the Nets' job (H/T The Spun), along with former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Ty Lue and former Warriors coach Mark Jackson.

The Pop-to-Nets rumor had enough legs to make it all the way back to Brooklyn GM Sean Marks, who was asked during an interview on WFAN radio in New York about the idea of pursuing the longtime Spurs coach.

"Pop has a job," Marks told Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Friday. "So I will say that. And, obviously, we all know he’s an amazing, amazing coach, and to be quite frank, an even better leader. So I’ll let Pop continue to coach for the Spurs, and he owes it to them and they owe it to him. I’m sure he’s quite happy there."

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But would it make sense for the Warriors nemesis to leave San Antonio for Brooklyn?

The Nets need a permanent coach for the 2020-21 season. Brooklyn fired Kenny Atkinson in March, and interim coach Jacque Vaughn will guide the bare bones team through the NBA restart in Orlando, but he might not be the answer in the long run.

Durant and fellow NBA superstar Kyrie Irving are going to want a coach with experience and a proven plan. While Lue won an NBA title with the Cavs, and Jackson laid the foundation for the Warriors, they aren't the sexy picks.

Why would Popovich leave San Antonio, where he's coached for 24 seasons? The Spurs have been considered the gold standard for NBA teams for the last two decades, but they've fallen on hard times. Their streak of 22 straight NBA playoff appearances likely will come to an end this season, and they don't have a bonafide superstar to build around for the next few seasons.

So maybe it's time for Pop to chase a new challenge. Of course, he's 71 years old and has been coaching in the league since 1988, so maybe his next move is to hang up the clipboard.

But if Popovich wants one more chance to win a ring, bolting for Brooklyn might not be the worst idea, especially if the Nets are willing to make a "Godfather Offer" to him.

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There would also be the strange twist of Durant teaming up with Warriors coach Steve Kerr's mentor.

If Pop really did make the move, the Warriors wouldn't have to deal with him in the Western Conference, but if they return to NBA title contention, they might be looking at Popovich, Durant and Irving across from them in the NBA Finals.

Now that's a juicy storyline. NBA Twitter might explode if that happened next summer.