Barry Bonds likely will fall short of 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame class

Barry Bonds likely will fall short of 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame class

When he had a bat in his hands, Barry Bonds had more control over a game than just about anyone in the history of the sport. But Bonds can do nothing but watch these days, and on Tuesday afternoon, he'll once again be disappointed by the end result. 

Bonds is tracking well below the 75 percent needed for induction in the Hall of Fame, and when results are announced this afternoon, he'll be left with just two more chances at induction.

According to Ryan Thibodaux, who closely tracks the vote every offseason, Bonds has been listed on 71.3 percent of ballots that have been made public. He traditionally takes a significant hit when non-public ballots are added to the mix. The 2020 Hall of Fame class will be announced at approximately 3:15 p.m. PT on MLB Network. 

This year's class should be a small one, and it's possible that only Derek Jeter has his named called. Jeter has been listed on every ballot thus far and has a chance to join former teammate Mariano Rivera as the only unanimous selections in MLB history. 

Larry Walker, in his final year on the ballot, is currently at 83.3 percent. Curt Schilling also is currently in position to get inducted (77.8 percent) but he is expected to drop off when all votes are counted. Walker could end up being one of the tightest decisions in HOF voting history. 

Bonds might get that "final year" bump in 2022, but thus far he has not gotten particularly close to induction. He got up to 59.1 percent last year, but the steroid cloud has kept him off too many ballots to even make the annual January announcement day remotely dramatic. 

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Bonds, a seven-time MVP who is the sport's all-time leader in home runs, will be on the ballot two more times, and a couple of his former teammates garnered enough support that they will remain on the ballot. Omar Vizquel currently is at 49.1 percent and Jeff Kent is tracking at 32.9 percent.

Former A's Jason Giambi and Eric Chavez are among those who will fail to get the five percent required to stay on the ballot another year. 

Where Barry Bonds stands two weeks from 2020 Hall of Fame announcement

Where Barry Bonds stands two weeks from 2020 Hall of Fame announcement

There were four Hall of Fame ballots released by writers on Monday, and they told a familiar story for Barry Bonds. 

Three of the writers voted for Bonds, but the fourth did not put a check mark next to his name on the ballot. With two weeks left until the 2020 Hall of Fame class is announced, Bonds is tracking at exactly that level. 

According to Ryan Thibodaux's spectacularly detailed tracker, Bonds has been named on 75.7 percent of the 132 ballots that have been released publicly thus far. Thibodaux estimates that 412 ballots will be cast and only one-third of those have been publicly revealed so far. 

Bonds is in his eighth year on the ballot and has just two more chances after this one. He traditionally sees a surge early in voting but then a big drop in the final totals, and he has been hit hard by the voters who prefer to keep their selections private.

A year ago, Bonds was at 70.7 percent before the class was announced but ultimately ended up with just 59.1 percent of the vote, well short of the 75 percent required. The 59.1 percent was a new high for Bonds, but he still has a long way to climb.

Bonds is one of four players currently above 75 percent on Thibodaux's tracker. Derek Jeter has been named on every ballot, Larry Walker is on 84.6 percent of them, and Curt Schilling is on 80.1 percent. Roger Clemens is at 74.3 percent and no other players are being listed on half of the ballots. 

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There are others with Giants ties who have received some support. Omar Vizquel is at 45.6 percent, which is only about three percent above his final 2019 total. Jeff Kent is at 27.9 percent.

The 2020 Hall of Fame class will be announced on Tuesday, January 21. 

A's push for Mariners great Edgar Martinez in Baseball Hall of Fame


A's push for Mariners great Edgar Martinez in Baseball Hall of Fame

Edgar Martinez is on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for one final time this year, and the A's are pushing for their former AL West rival to rightfully be inducted. 

Martinez spent his entire 18-year career playing for the Seattle Mariners. When it comes to Cooperstown, however, Oakland is putting the past away. 

The A's saw plenty of Martinez over his career, and he saw plenty of success against them. In those 177 games, he also had a .953 OPS with 28 home runs and just 101 strikeouts to 127 walks.

What's wild is the A's weren't even close to the team Martinez had the most success against. Look away, Indians fans: Edgar hit .347 with 30 home runs and 104 RBI over 135 games against Cleveland.

Oh, and for good fun, he also hit .343 with a 1.165 OPS against the Giants in 14 games. 

This is the 10th time Martinez has been on a Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. In 2018, the percentage of votes he received sky-rocketed from 58.6 to 70.4. To be elected, one must have at least 75 percent of votes. 

If public ballots are any indications, Martinez could be getting the call he's waited his whole life for later this month. As of this publishing date, Martinez has received 91 percent of votes in the 188 known ballots (45.6 percent of total voters) that have been sent to Ryan Thibodaux. 

Voters need to get on the same page as the A's. The wait has been long enough. It's time to give Martinez, a seven-time All-Star and .312 career hitter, his call to the Hall.