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Marvin Bagley hits back at Damian Lillard with savage, NSFW diss track

Marvin Bagley hits back at Damian Lillard with savage, NSFW diss track

Damian Lillard thought he landed a first-round knockout, but Marvin Bagley came back swinging.

The Portland Trail Blazers star dropped two diss tracks on the Kings forward Thursday, roasting Bagley and the Kings over and over again.

While it took the Duke product a while to formulate a rebuttal, Bagley hit back hard early Friday morning when he released "Checkmate," which features a picture of him burping baby Damian Lillard.

This song comes with a NSFW warning for explicit language.

"I said your name a couple of weeks ago, you been in a casket, and now you tryna rise up, I see you fakin' a passion, I'm finna turn this Dame Dolla to chump change." 

Talk to 'em, rook.

He also went at Dame's signature shoes. 

"Adidas did send some Dames, but I thought they was wack, as soon as I opened the box, I sent them s--ts right back."

Savage move from MB3.

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There's no doubt Dame D.O.L.L.A. will come back at the Kings youngster once he gets up off the mat.

Or not.

The two have apparently called a truce.

Until the next rap battle.

Damian Lillard burns Marvin Bagley on second diss track, shows no mercy


Damian Lillard burns Marvin Bagley on second diss track, shows no mercy

One diss track wasn't enough for Damian Lillard. 

Three hours after the Portland Trail Blazers star responded in kind to young big man Marvin Bagley III's challenge, Lillard reminded the Sacramento King who wears the crown as the NBA's best rapper.

"BYE BYE," which has cover art features Lillard waving bye to the Oklahoma City Thunder after his series-clinching buzzer-beater from the first round of the NBA playoffs, opens with the Oakland native addressing Bagley.

Once the beat drops, Lillard rhymes: "I hoped the King learned his lesson, it’s a bad investment. I never crack in the moment, but you made a bad assessment."

Throughout the song, Lillard, 28, constantly tells Bagley, 20, that he's too young to challenge him. Lillard compares their rap battle to taking candy from a kid, before dropping what might be his most incisive line about 40 seconds into the track: 

"Had my shoe in high school, I know you probably copped."

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Somehow, Lillard didn't just drop the mic and walk out of the studio right there, and the Blazers star kept dropping another minute of bars. 

Bagley doesn't have a response yet, but something tells us Lillard will be more than ready if and when the Kings youngster does. 

Mistah F.A.B. shows why Marvin Bagley no rap match for Damian Lillard


Mistah F.A.B. shows why Marvin Bagley no rap match for Damian Lillard

Mistah F.A.B. heard Damian Lillard’s Marvin Bagley diss track, and knew exactly what the Trail Blazers star was doing.

“Dame’s just telling business, man, he’s just representing,” the Oakland-based rap impresario told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Logan Murdock on Thursday. “… That’s Dame Dolla, man. He just straight ran Town business.”

“Town business” meant Lillard answering Bagley’s morning challenge with afternoon heat, and F.A.B. explained what had to be in the Oakland native’s mind as he recorded, then dropped the song that also dropped jaws across the NBA.

“You just go in battle mode, man,” F.A.B. said. “You want to make sure you come with some bars, you want to make sure that you respond -- each bar’s pointed, but you get your point across. He got his point across, man.

“He talked about how he felt, you know what I mean? He was like, Big Bank take Little Bank. I’m a couple hundred mil. This is a field day. Basically like, c’mon, man, you don’t want these bars. You don’t want this problem.”

F.A.B. said he knew Lillard had the goods “when I first heard him rap,” and his eyes really opened when he saw the Blazers star’s now-famous freestyle on Sway’s SiriusXM Radio morning show in 2015.

F.A.B. believes Lillard might be the best athlete rapper ever, and has pointed advice for anyone who might challenge him again.

“You just better make it count. You got to make it count,” F.A.B. said. “Battle rap is like sports in a way -- on any given night, anyone can be beat. All it takes is for one battle, one bar, and somebody could steal the whole momentum of the crowd and whatnot, you know? … You just got to come correct.”

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Most people believe Bagley didn’t do that Thursday, and F.A.B. sees the quality of Lillard and his Oakland upbringing.

“Dame’s just cool. Dame’s a real class act, man,” F.A.B. said. “He’s just so professional. It’s a reflection of how he was raised, his parents -- he’s got great parents, good structure. He really comes from that life, though. He don’t got to do nothing extra, you know what I mean? When you really come from the life that a lot of people be trying to exaggerate [about], to be, to make it seem like they’re really from, then they do the most. …

“He got it honest, though. His job, man, was just to go play basketball and change the narrative, and that’s what he did, man. That’s why he’s so humble, so respected. He know where he come from.”