Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard wants Odell Beckham Jr. on Raiders if Browns make trade


Damian Lillard wants Odell Beckham Jr. on Raiders if Browns make trade

Damian Lillard has become a star in Portland with the Trail Blazers, but he forever will have his heart in Oakland. 

The Town native bleeds silver and black and would love to see a star receiver in the Raiders' offense. And he has a big idea to get one in Oakland, no matter how unlikely it is. 

That's right, Dame wants Odell Beckham Jr. on the Raiders. It certainly would be a huge boost to the team's receiving corps issues, but no, this isn't going to happen. 

While the Browns (2-3) haven't lived up to their sky-high expectations this season, especially after a 31-3 beatdown from the 49ers on "Monday Night Football," Cleveland is sticking with OBJ. 

Through his first five games with the Browns, Beckham has 335 yards receiving on 23 receptions and has scored just one touchdown. While the outside world penciled him in for bigger numbers than that, they still would lead the Raiders' receivers. 

Tyrell Williams currently has the most receptions (17) and receiving yards by a Raiders wideout this season. There's no doubt Williams has been a solid addition to the offense, but he's much better suited as a No. 2 option.

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Coach Jon Gruden keeps shuffling through receivers like he's a Blackjack dealer. OBJ will not be in the Raiders' deck. 

At least not this season.

Blazers star Damian Lillard believes Josh Jacobs will be 'Raider great'

Blazers star Damian Lillard believes Josh Jacobs will be 'Raider great'

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard is part of the Raiders' faithful, despite sometimes being frustrated as a fan

The Oakland native has done it all from trying to recruit Le'Veon Bell to the Raiders to even sporting some permanent ink on his forearm to show his support. And recently, he gave some much-deserved love to rookie running back Josh Jacobs:

Jacobs told the media after Sunday's 24-21 victory over the Chicago Bears that he wanted to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so it appears they're both on the same page. 

The Raiders' young tailback totaled 143 yards and two touchdowns in London and he's not going anywhere. Week after week, he has proven himself to be more than just a piece of the Khalil Mack trade

Lillard has taken notice -- and so did Jacobs' own teammates. Especially offensive tackle Trent Brown.

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"That mother-f---er can run the ball,‚ÄĚ Brown said after the victory.

Game recognize game. 

Warriors' Steph Curry plans to play for Team USA in 2020 Olympic Games

Warriors' Steph Curry plans to play for Team USA in 2020 Olympic Games

The year 2020 is going to be different for the USA, and I'm not just talking about the upcoming presidential election.

As you're aware, every A- and B-level star elected not to play for coach Gregg Popovich and Team USA this summer (no offense, Donovan Mitchell). As a result, the Americans sputtered to a seventh-place finish in the 2019 FIBA World Cup. But don't expect the big names to take the same approach to the 2020 Olympic Games.

Steph Curry, for one, is ready to get buckets on the international stage.

"That is the plan, for sure," the Warriors star told ESPN's Rachel Nichols on if he plans to play in Tokyo next summer. "You know, obviously knock on wood, you don't want any injuries or things like that to interfere.

"Definitely wanna go," Curry said. "I've never been on the Olympic team. I've been on two World Cup championship gold-medal teams. But the Olympics is the experience that I want. And next year will hopefully be it."

Team USA is just as excited for Steph to join the squad.

The seventh-place finish was Team USA's worst international showing since its Bronze Medal in the disaster that was the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The Americans have won three straight gold medals since then, buoyed by teams led by Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and coach Mike Krzyzewski. With Curry's commitment to the 2020 games, expect other marquee names to line up behind him to lead the Red, White and Blue to another gold medal.

"We're still the best," Curry said. "If we get the guys that are supposed to be there, in terms of, you know, representing us in the Olympic stage and the commitment's been there, and I think it'll be there next year."

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard also said he plans to play in 2020.

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With Team USA's latest redemption tour underway, Curry will be tasked with being one of the leaders in getting Team USA back to its rightful place atop the international basketball world.

That's bad news for the rest of the world.