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Raiders' Derek Carr just trolling with Khalil Mack post, David Carr says

Raiders' Derek Carr just trolling with Khalil Mack post, David Carr says

It's been another offseason of rumors for Derek Carr.

Despite a solid 2019 campaign in Year 2 under Jon Gruden, whispers of the Raiders' interest in other quarterbacks, notably Tom Brady, have been circulating since the season ended. There also have been rumors the Silver and Black could look to trade Carr this offseason. Carr sent shockwaves of his own across social media earlier this week when he posted a photo of himself and former teammate Khalil Mack on Instagram, sparking speculation he could be headed to the Chicago Bears.

But, according to Carr's brother David, he was just having a little fun with the offseason rumor mill.

“His son’s favorite movie is Trolls. He’s just having fun. It’s the offseason,” David Carr said on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access."

While Derek Carr is used to questions about his job security being a topic of conversation, it appears the veteran quarterback is enjoying stoking the trade flames himself for once. 

But he might also be sending a message to the Raiders that other teams would love for him to be their starting quarterback if they don't.

The Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and others have been mentioned as possible landing spots for Derek Carr if he is traded. 

As for the Raiders' offseason plans at quarterback, it feels like the smart money is on Carr entering the season as the starter. While the Brady rumors have taken up all the oxygen, it feels like a stretch to suggest that the six-time Super Bowl champion would leave the New England Patriots at this point in his career. Of course, if Brady wants to wear silver and black, the Raiders have to make that happen.

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It seems likely Carr will take the first snap for the Raiders in Las Vegas with a free-agent acquisition occupying the backup role and looking to take over should Carr not take the next step head coach Jon Gruden wants to see.

If more rumors continue to pop up, don't be surprised to see Carr take to social media with another cryptic post.

Derek Carr unfazed by questions on his Raiders future, brother says

Derek Carr unfazed by questions on his Raiders future, brother says

Raiders took a close look at two top quarterbacks entering last year’s NFL draft. Head coach Jon Gruden, general manager Mike Mayock and offensive coordinator Greg Olson had dinner with Kyler Murray at a fancy Dallas restaurant last spring and worked him out extensively the following day.

They met with and worked out Dwayne Haskins shortly after that. The Raiders said the evaluation was due diligence -- the Raiders held the Nos. 4, 24 and 27 overall picks in last year’s draft, not a signal of displeasure with Carr.

That didn’t stop the speculation that the Raiders were contemplating a change at quarterback that was never made. It simply rehashed an old line that Gruden and Carr can’t work together well. False logic that has existed since Gruden returned as the Raiders head coach two years ago.

Carr knows that to be flatly untrue. All that 2019 offseason chatter still bothered him, as his brother David Carr, former Houston Texans quarterback and current NFL Network analyst said last week.

“I would say that last year, just based on the player he knows that he is, he felt like the whole offseason was frustrating,” David Carr told NBC Sports California in Miami before Super Bowl LIV. “Once again, [the outside narrative] was about whether Jon and Derek could get along together and work through all this stuff. He sees his relationship with Jon Gruden as really good. From a private standpoint, it was frustrating to have all that public [media and social media] banter going on.”

It has kicked back up again already, with reports the Raiders would go hard after Tom Brady should he not resign with the Patriots. They’ve been going strong since Brady and Raiders owner Mark Davis were photographed conversing at a UFC fight and crescendoed Sunday with ESPN’s Adam Schefter saying the Raiders would be major players should the longtime New England signal-caller hit the open market.

This follows a 2019 campaign where Carr set several personal bests but might’ve been criticized more than ever by the Raiders fan base. He was booed off the field in his last two Oakland home games, including a messy scene after the team’s East Bay finale where water bottles and food were thrown onto the field as he and other teammates personally thanked members of the Black Hole for their support.

Carr said after the Raiders season he was looking forward to the “fresh air” of a 2020 relocation to Las Vegas. Fans continue to wonder and debate whether he should be starting quarterback when Allegiant Stadium opening next summer.

That’s fueled by the fact that Carr’s contract is easily escaped. There are three years remaining on a deal through 2022, with $5 million in dead money attached to his departure this offseason, $2.5 million the next and no penalty entering the contract’s final year. He currently has no guaranteed money left on the deal, though $2.9 million locks in Wednesday.

Gruden left all windows open when asked about Carr right after the season’s end. Mayock has addressed the topic twice in offseason interviews, praising Carr’s progress while saying he’ll evaluate and look for upgrades at every position.

David Carr says all this talk doesn’t impact Derek the way it did last time around.

“This year, in the small amount of time I’ve talked to him about it in the offseason, he’s over it,” David Carr said. “He’s over it and just trying to get to Las Vegas. He thinks, ‘give me one more piece on offense. [Lets] fix the defense, maybe add a linebacker and some get some other pieces and the Raiders will be in the Super Bowl.’ That’s his mindset. He’s not giving any time, really, to all of that. He went through that last year. He’s not worried about any of that now. He says, ‘Jon and I are great.’ He wants to get the job done. They didn’t get the job done last year. But that’s where his mindset is. Honestly, he’s over it.”

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David considers that a healthier perspective on proceedings and a storyline that will never die.

“It’s much better to be where he’s at instead of trying to worry about it,” the analyst said. “I feel like, last year, he did. He wondered why everyone was saying things. Derek thought he and Jon Gruden got along great. The fact the public narrative was different was frustrating. Now he sees the same thing happening again and he’s just over it. He and Gruden have a great relationship. ‘Just give me some pieces and we’ll do great things.’ That’s where he’s at mentally.”

Antonio Brown calls out Raiders' Derek Carr, brother David on Twitter

Antonio Brown calls out Raiders' Derek Carr, brother David on Twitter

"Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."

Alfred Pennyworth was on to something.

No, Antonio Brown isn't a superhero movie villain, but it's fair to call him a joker after his nearly six-month Raiders stint ended in the most bizarre way possible, with his release Saturday.

Brown’s tweets hours later didn't do anything to distance himself from that comparison.

What, you thought he was going to keep quiet?

If anything has been made clear since the Raiders acquired Brown from the Steelers for third and fifth-round draft picks, it's that there is no end to the circus that follows him wherever he goes.

Brown forced his way out of Pittsburgh, got frostbite on his feet, held out over a helmet dispute, started a verbal altercation with his GM, called out the Raiders’ organization on social media, and (illegally?) recorded his coach and posted it to YouTube. All in six months.

Did I miss anything?

There's no question that Brown is one of the best receivers in the league when he's on the field, but the distraction became too much to bear for the Raiders, and they cut bait. It's not as if they didn't give Brown plenty of chances. It became obvious that the circus would continue throughout the season, and based on another one of Brown’s tweets Saturday morning, it's fair to wonder if a rift would have developed with quarterback Derek Carr.

Note the spelling (and plurality). Now, it appears Brown's tweet was in reference to comments made by Derek's brother, David, on NFL Network after word of the release, in which the elder Carr communicated that his brother was ready to move on.

"The word that he used, and the word that kind of made the point to me, is relief," David Carr said. "And not that he's happy to see Antonio go ...  but there's also a relief, like a huge sigh of relief. That, 'OK, now that drama is kind of behind us. We can move forward with the focus of our football team.' "

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The drama might be behind the Raiders, and now they can move forward without the never-ending distraction, no matter how talented Brown might be. But if you think this is the last we've heard from Brown on the subject, clearly you haven't been paying attention.