De’Aaron Fox says Kings renting 'Air Drake' could help in free agency

De’Aaron Fox says Kings renting 'Air Drake' could help in free agency

If you're going to make NBA history and fly to India for preseason games, you do it in style. The Kings did just that by boarding Drake's -- yes, that Drake -- private $220 million jet across the country to lose twice to the Pacers. 

“We played FIFA, Madden, 2K, started playing Assassins Creed a little bit, it was cool,” Fox told The Undefeated's Marc J. Spears. “It’s like being in your living room, but you on a flight, that’s how accommodating it was. We played music and stuff, but you can’t play music for 20 straight hours.”

The Kings rising star point guard believes the Kings using "Air Drake" for their trip to India can benefit them in the future, too. Sacramento is a small market and doesn't always attract the biggest names in free agency. Could Aubrey Graham's plane help? 

Fox sure thinks so

“For sure,” Fox told The Athletic's Sam Amick. “Knowing your owners and GMs actually care about how the players travel is definitely something big, and I think that a lot of guys will take that into consideration. The fact that Vivek spent that type of money to get us here, for three flights, I feel, will definitely change the perspective (of the organization) for a lot of people.

“It just shows that the guys higher up definitely care about the players. They care about the players’ bodies, and the way that we travel, because not every boss is thinking that way.”

The Kings have a budding roster full of young players that can blossom into top talent. Along with Fox, Sacramento already has a solid core with shooting guard Buddy Hield (26), wing Bogdan Bogdanovic (27) and big men Marvin Bagley III (20) and Harry Giles (21). 

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This past offseason, the Kings signed forward Harrison Barnes (27) to a four-year, $85 million contract. If their youth matures and the Kings compete for a playoff spot this season, more big-name free agents should be on their way to Sacramento. 

Teaming up with Drake shouldn't hurt, too.

Vivek Ranadive explains why Kings took 'Air Drake' for flight to India

Vivek Ranadive explains why Kings took 'Air Drake' for flight to India

The Sacramento Kings flew to India in style. 

There's luxury and then there's boarding 'Air Drake.' The hip-hop mogul assisted Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé by having players and select coaches travel to India in his $220 million private jet. Ranadivé, who initially reached out to Drake, explained the decision to NBC Sports Bay Area's Ali Thanawalla. 

"It's a very long trip, it's maybe the longest trip there is going all the way from California to India," Ranadivé said. "It a 12-and-a-half hour time difference. I just wanted to make sure the players arrived there in comfort and we did what we had to do in order to make that happen." 

The Kings left Monday night for India. They made a quick stop in London for fuel on Tuesday and will arrive in India on Wednesday morning after nearly 22 hours in the air. 

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The Kings and Pacers will be the first two NBA teams ever to play in India with preseason games on Oct. 4 and 5.

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Kings to take 'Air Drake' to India for NBA preseason games vs. Pacers

Kings to take 'Air Drake' to India for NBA preseason games vs. Pacers

SACRAMENTO -- Traveling in style.

The Sacramento Kings had all of their plans worked out for their long flight to India on Monday, but then owner Vivek Ranadivé decided to add a new wrinkle when he reached out to Canadian hip-hop artist Drake for some assistance.

As of Saturday morning, the players and a few select coaches will now board ‘Air Drake’ for the estimated 22-hour flight to India. The $220 million private jet is spacious and built for luxury.

“Yesterday, out of consideration for the comfort of the players given the travel time required to make this historic trip to India, the Kings finalized an additional aircraft for the players and several members of the coaching staff,” the team told NBC Sports California.

With a long trip ahead, the players have no issue hoping on Drake’s plane. In fact, they are looking forward to the trip and are very appreciative of Ranadivé for making it all happen.

“Drake is someone that I’ve met, that I know,” De’Aaron Fox said. “It’s great, I want to say thank you to Vivek for pushing for us to do this.”

Regardless of how they get there, it’s a very long trip. Fox intends to read a book or two and if the wifi is strong enough, he’ll hop online and play video games.

Second-year forward Marvin Bagley has a different idea.

“I might have to write a new album in that 18 hour flight, it’s going to be a long one,” Marvin Bagley said. “I’m definitely going to have my pen and pad ready.”

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The Kings leave Monday evening for the first leg of their trip. They’ll make a brief stop in London for fuel and before the final 10 hour flight to India. With the time change, they’ll get in on Wednesday morning.

The Athletic was first with the story.