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Kings' 10 best NBA draft picks since team moved to Sacramento in 1985

Kings' 10 best NBA draft picks since team moved to Sacramento in 1985

Two weeks ago we looked at 10 of the biggest blunders in Sacramento Kings draft history. There were plenty to choose from over the 35 years the team has been in Sacramento, but it hasn’t been all bad for the Kings.

Despite having poor luck in the NBA draft lottery, the Kings have mined for talent and come up huge a few times during their three and half decades in Sacramento.

In no particular order, here is a look at 10 of the biggest draft successes during the Sacramento era of Kings basketball.


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Michael Jordan fans mistakenly rip Isaiah Thomas during 'The Last Dance'


Michael Jordan fans mistakenly rip Isaiah Thomas during 'The Last Dance'

This is going to shock you, but people on Twitter aren't always concerned about the facts.

Such was the case Sunday night during the latest airing of ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance." As Jordan's duels with the "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons were being chronicled, the MJ stans got extremely mad online about how Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman and Co. beat up His Airness.

So, as Twitter mobs do, they went after the wrong person and former Kings guard Isaiah Thomas was caught in the crosshairs.

A quick look at Thomas' mentions shows a lot of the heat was extinguished via the delete button once Thomas brought the error to light.

Thomas then posted photos of him and Pistons legend Isaiah Thomas to show the difference.

Of course, the highlights of episodes three and four of "The Last Dance" -- the non-Rodman ones -- centered around Jordan's rivalry with the Pistons and the obvious distaste he still has for them today after they walked off the court without shaking the Bulls hands after getting swept out of the 1991 Eastern Conference finals.

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After Isiah Thomas gave his explanation for walking off the court, the filmmakers showed it to Jordan and he offered the NSFW moment of the night.

Episodes three and four were full of great moments. From Ron Harper's reaction to not getting to guard Jordan when the Bulls legend hit his famed game-winner over Craig Ehlo, to Dennis Rodman's mid-season Las Vegas vacation and Horace Grant giving his unfiltered thoughts on the Pistons, it once again was must-see TV.

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Just remember next Sunday to make sure you're angrily tweeting at the right person. Or, better yet, just log off.

Isaiah Thomas' Warriors-Rockets Christmas Day game hot take goes cold


Isaiah Thomas' Warriors-Rockets Christmas Day game hot take goes cold

Isaiah Thomas probably should stick to revitalizing his NBA career and stay off Twitter.

The Washington Wizards guard's tweet early in the Warriors-Rockets Christmas Day game didn't exactly hold up.

Yes, the rematch of last season's Western Conference semifinals lost much of its luster when Steph Curry broke his hand on Oct. 30, but there's still bitterness between the franchises, so it was bound to be a good game.

And it was a good game, especially for the Warriors, who beat the Rockets 116-104 in a stunner.

Here's the problem with Thomas' tweet: The Warriors and Rockets ended up being the best of the first three games.

The Celtics opened the festivities by crushing the defending NBA champion Raptors, 118-102. Boston led by as much as 22 points in that contest.

In the day's second game, the 76ers demolished the NBA-best Bucks, 121-109. The final score doesn't indicate how one-sided the game actually was, as Philadelphia led by 29 at one point.

Thomas did warm up to the game, though. A few minutes before the Warriors finished off the win, Thomas sent this tweet:

Thomas and most observers expected the Rockets to crush the depleted and rebuilding Warriors. But the pesky Warriors were fired up to take on the Rockets, and gave Houston everything it could handle at Chase Center.

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The Warriors took a 92-87 lead into the fourth quarter, thanks to a buzzer-beater by Ky Bowman, and then outscored the Rockets 24-17 in the fourth quarter.

We love IT. He was a good member of the Kings. But this tweet didn't hold up at all.