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NBA free agency 2019: Ten shooters who can help Warriors next season

NBA free agency 2019: Ten shooters who can help Warriors next season

Immediately after the Warriors won Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Stephen Curry called Toronto's strategy "janky" after the Raptors used a box-and-1 to corral the star guard.

Now, weeks later — with free agents Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant out for the majority of next season, if not gone forever — the Warriors will need to fill out roster space with shooters to combat the “janky” strategy that other teams are sure to now employ on Curry.

However, with Golden State deep in the luxury tax, the team only will be able to sign players via the mid-level exception and minimum contracts. Luckily for the Warriors, that still leaves plenty of options to find a shooter who might keep defenses more honest.

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JJ Redick agrees with Bob Myers' assessment about unhappiness in NBA

JJ Redick agrees with Bob Myers' assessment about unhappiness in NBA

A couple of weeks ago at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver talked a good amount about unhappiness in the NBA.

What he told The Ringer's Bill Simmons about many of the league's star players became a much-discussed topic in the media.

"When I meet with them, what strikes me is that they are truly unhappy," Silver said. "This is not some show they are putting on for the media."

Last week, Rockets guard Chris Paul was a guest on The JJ Redick Podcast and the former teammates discussed the Commissioner's comments (you should seriously listen to the whole episode).

Very early on, Redick revealed the following:

Bob Myers -- Golden State GM -- he was my agent when I first came out (of college). I remember my second year when I wasn't playing a lot, we had a bunch of late night conversations -- me venting to him. And I remember something that stuck with me ever since.

"He said to me, he's like, 'We represent 50-something clients -- I would say five are happy.' He's like, 'Even the guys who are making a ton of money and taking 20 shots a game...' He had a client at the time who takes 20 shots a game and he just signed a huge deal -- like four (years) for $50 (million) extension and he's unhappy.

"He's like, 'I have maybe three or four clients that are legit happy.' I kind of agree with that assessment. Think about how many guys in the league on a day-to-day basis are really, really enjoying it."

Redick's second year in the NBA was the 2007-08 season, which was way before social media became the unbelievable force it is today. So by this logic, many NBA players (not just the superstars) were unhappy prior to having the ability to check their Twitter and/or Instagram mentions.

And now, the unhappiness is amplified.

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"I believe there is something right about what he said," Paul said to Redick. "Obviously, everything we do now there's really no privacy ... some guys genuinely want to hoop, go home, chill with their families. But this is a business, this is entertainment. This is what we do, so some of this is what you signed up for.

"We gotta just try to find a happy medium, which I don't know what that is. I don't know the answers to it. But happiness isn't money. That's one thing that we do know. Happiness is not fame."

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JJ Redick not surprised Cousins called the Warriors because he 'had a similar mindset to DeMarcus'


JJ Redick not surprised Cousins called the Warriors because he 'had a similar mindset to DeMarcus'

DeMarcus Cousins will make $5,337,000 with the Warriors next season.

J.J. Redick -- who made $23 million last year in Philly -- will make $12,250,000 next season with the 76ers.

Was Redick surprised by Cousins' decision to sign with Golden State?

"No -- I had a similar mindset to DeMarcus going into free agency," Redick explained on his podcast. "I knew it was gonna be a weird market. I knew there was only a set amount of cap space, and if your incumbent team doesn't want to re-sign you or (is) not giving you a contract offer that you want, then you have to go out and get a contract offer.

"So in the back of my mind, I'm thinking well if something happens where I can't go back to Philly, and the market dries up, what do you do? You go get the taxpayer mid-level from the Warriors, the Celtics, the team that gives you the best chance to win."

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Hmmmmmmm. So if Cousins doesn't call the Warriors early in free agency (the morning of July 2), and if Redick doesn't get the deal he was looking for in Philly, does Redick pick up the phone and call Warriors general manager Bob Myers?

Is it very obvious that Redick is going to end up playing for the Warriors at some point over the next couple of seasons? Duh.

On a totally different note -- this certainly is interesting:

Agents are powerful.

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